Are You...

unhappy with the profitability and sustainability of your child care program?

struggling with enrollments due to the economy, or increased competition?


looking for proven marketing strategies & tools that are easy to implement?

looking for ways to recruit & retain the best staff for your child care center?

If so you've definitely come to the right place!

We offer unique cutting-edge strategies and business best practices that are proven to work for the child care industry.

Grow Your Enrollment

Manage Your Time & Freedom

Improve Your Retention

We have hundreds of case studies of how our strategies work, across North America and beyond.  Because only 10% to 15% of child care professionals have business expertise and marketing training, we are quickly able to identify your company’s skill gaps and meet those training needs.


Owners & Directors
Husband-Wife Teams
Start-ups & Industry Veterans
Often Businesses with More than 1 Location

The Next Level of Success

Our clients tend to be owners or directors looking to reach the next level of success, or to solve the pains they are experiencing in their child care program.  Interestingly, many of our clients are husband-wife teams who own between 2 and 6 locations.  That said, the people we help run the whole gamut – from start-ups to people who’ve been in the early childhood business for 35 years or more.

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At Child Care Marketing Solutions, we work with people in early childhood education who are really good at what they do; however, most have never been taught exactly how to market or set up systems in order to ALWAYS be successfully attracting, enrolling, and retaining new families.

Our Mission

Child Care Marketing Solutions is proud to contribute to the health and stability of the child care industry, by helping owners and providers be more successful. In many cases, we have helped programs remain open and shift from survival mode to a thriving, full business. Our mission is to help you, the child care owner or manager, be more successful in attracting and retaining clients, and maximizing cash flow. This results in a better experience for families and teachers, and most of all, a successful early learning experience for young children.