We just wrapped up an amazing FIVE days of  Child Care Success Academy meetings last week. I always leave these meetings exhausted and awestruck. The amount of sharing and learning going on in the room is inspiring. One of my favorite parts of these meetings is watching everyone share with and learn from each other.

During a small group session at one of the meetings, I had a chance to sit down, take off my heels and reflect on the process our members were going through. They had gotten into small groups for sharing. After walking around and hearing the conversations going on I thought to myself “what a cool group of adults.”

Growing up, many children get the vision that adults are “all-knowing” and when they reach a certain point, they too will “know all.” I’ve come across many adults with this mindset. “I’ve been doing this for 15 years” or “30 years ago, we didn’t have these issues” are sentences I hear often.  I am always impressed when I see adults in a room soaking up as much learning as they can.

The members of our Child Success Academy are open to learning and listen to every new idea. They keep an open mind about learning from their peers of 30 years, and even a peer who only has ONE year of experience. The members in our room understand that each person has value to add and different ideas to try. And my favorite part is that they are SUCCESSFUL!

“They” say that the 5 people you are around the most are who you will be like. If you want to be a person of integrity, surround yourself with people of integrity. If you want to be a millionaire, surround yourself with millionaires. I love surrounding myself with people of strong integrity and the desire to learn. These people coincidently are also incredibly successful. 🙂

The fun part about our groups is that the sharing and learning isn’t just at the meetings, it’s during group calls, Facebook discussions, and emails. The comradery is unending. They are also more open with their teams.

There are three things I notice about members who get the most done:

They LISTEN.  They have their phones put away and their pens ready. They are genuinely listening, taking notes, and asking questions.  They may whisper a question to their neighbor or express excitement about an idea, but that’s great energy.

They are OPEN. Many people have the idea they’ve “heard it all.” Even if they think they’ve heard information before, our members challenge themselves to hear it in a new way. Try a new part, or ask questions to further the idea.  No one is too young, old, new, or experienced to offer good ideas, and our people understand that.

They SHARE. They share ideas, approaches, successes, and failures. This isn’t in an “I’m doing it correctly, do it my way” approach. It’s always a “here’s my process right now, it happens to be working, but am I am open for suggestion.” There is no end all be all answer to enrollment, parents, staff, or children. There are just what’s working and what needs help.  They don’t just ask questions, they give advice and honest feedback and that is invaluable to others.

After the meeting, I wrote down these qualities on a sticky note that I’ve posted in front of my own laptop. How do I display these in my everyday life?

Am I listening whole heartily? Or am I preparing my response or think I already know what’s being said?

Am I open to new ideas? Or am I comfortable with what is currently happening? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it?

Am I willing to share what I’m doing to help others? Am I willing to let others critique my practices?

If I’m honest, I know the answers to the previous questions are not always yes. But I’m a work in progress.  I’m interested to hear how YOU answer the questions above?  Maybe you’re like me and might need a sticky note for a while.

In the title I referenced these as the 3 qualities winners share… I think there is a better word for winner… I think it’s LEADER!