This is the Only Coaching Program in the World that is Designed Exclusively to Give Child Care Owners & Leaders the Business Training they Need to Get to the Next Level.

day care business coaching program

In addition to becoming a part of a private members-only community of early childhood business owners, you’ll get step-by-step strategies, tools, and techniques, including proven marketing methods, one-on-one coaching, access to live training events and retreats, and much more. All Success Academy Levels include Kris Murray’s Insiders Circle and Done-For-You Marketing!

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Three Levels of Success

Whether you are just getting started in the early learning child care field or are a seasoned professional with multiple locations to manage, Child Care Marketing Services has a Success Academy Membership Program to fit your needs and budget.  Take a look at the profile types below and choose the one that best fits you, and get started today – the next level of achievement is just a few clicks away!

Which Entrepreneurial Profile Are You?

Survivor Sally & Sam

gold core child care marketing members

Gold Core Coaching Member

As an owner-director, director, or start-up in the early learning field, Survival Sally (or Survival Sam) feels lost as she tries to manage her program and can’t seem to figure out how to get OUT of Survival Mode.  Her enrollment isn’t growing as quickly as she’d like (or she doesn’t have any enrollment yet as she’s in start-up mode). She is unsure of how to market her program effectively, and how much time and money to spend on a marketing plan.  Her cash-flow is extremely tight, and she may be working long hours because she can’t afford to outsource important tasks.  She may even be working in the classroom to save money on payroll.

Multiplier Mary & Mike

Platinum Child Care Marketing Member

Platinum VIP Coaching Member

As the owner or executive director of a business in the child care industry, Multiplier Mary (or Multiplier Mike) is out of  ‘survival mode’, but she still has huge challenges to overcome in order to grow her business and maintain her sanity. She feels pulled in many different directions by the needs of her staff, customer families, and the constant demands of business.  She has a strong desire to grow her program to multiple locations, or even has a vision for a ‘side business’ related to the child care field.  She has an entrepreneurial drive and wants to make an impact on her community, but she can’t seem to get out of overwhelm in order to make her dreams a reality.

Visionary Vicky & Vince

Diamond Elite Child Care Marketing Member

Diamond Elite Coaching Member

As a seasoned child care business owner, Visionary Vicky (or Visionary Vince) has achieved substantial success and is proud of the business she’s built. However, she knows there are strategies she could implement to make her business more successful, and to get more freedom in life.  She wants to position her company for further growth, even franchising, and would like to be in a group of advancing peers whom she can learn and mastermind with.  She feels overwhelmed by the lack of systems and consistent training of directors, and she’d love someone to take that over completely so she can focus on growth and perhaps even an exit strategy.

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