If you want a 100% FULL Early Childhood Program - with a wait list - and you're tired of spending time and money on marketing that's not working, you're in the right place!

Let Me Show You How to EASILY Attract and Enroll 5, 10, Even 20 Kids in Just Weeks (or Days) and Never Worry about Your Enrollment Again – For the Rest of Your Career

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your child care program used to be full, but due to the economy, or increased competition, your enrollment is down dramatically. You’ve never had to market your program in the past – you stayed full through word of mouth and referrals.
  • The methods you’ve used in the past to market your program SEEM like they’re NO LONGER EFFECTIVE. You know your target market is MUCH more digitally focused, and using their smart phones to Google your center, but you aren’t sure you are actually reaching them and making an impact.
  • You want to start a child care program, either in your center or in your home, but you’re anxious about how to get clients for a brand new program. You need help creating marketing that works from Ground Zero.
  • You get calls from prospective parents, but they just want to know your RATES and then they never call back or take your tour. You hate feeling like a commodity, because you know you provide a quality program for children.

If any of this rings true, I’ve got GREAT news for you today…

Bringing You Knowledge & Expertise

For the last 4 years, I’ve worked exclusively as a marketing consultant and business coach for the child care industry – for all types of programs:

Prep Schools
Family child cares
Inner city programs
Independently owned

This is the only system in the child care field proven to help you attract and retain more families and make more revenue in your business – fast, easily, and authentically.

Child Care Enrollment Boot Camp

increase day care preschool enrollment

Boot Camp Online Package

You receive instant online-only lifetime access to the course materials, delivered as an instructional course over 5 weeks for optimal learning and retention.  This is the best deal and is environmentally friendly too!

Boot Camp Multi-Disc/Workbook Set

You receive a big box at your door with the 2 Workbooks, 5 DVDs, 8 CDs, Fast Implementation Guide, Resource CD, and all the Bonuses – Plus! You’ll get immediate online access so you can get started right away.

What You Receive

Learn & Experience with Enrollment Boot Camp


4 Easy Steps for Tracking Your Enrollment Progress (I’ll Give You the Trackers and Show You Exactly How to Use Them)…PLUS the First Step that Most People Don’t Know for Getting Ranked Higher on Google & Yahoo for YOUR Key Search Terms! We’ve updated this content COMPLETELY to take into account the recent changes made by Google, Facebook, and other search engines and review sites.


Real-World Strategies for How to Immediately Get Your Phone to Ring with More Quality Prospects that are a Good “Fit” for Your Program


The Phone Call: Unique Methods and a Completely New Approach for Converting More Inquiries to TOURS by Motivating Them to Book a Tour, and Show Up! We’ll Give you Our Phone Success Script and Teach You How to Use It.


What’s Working Now to Optimize Your Tour – How to Convert More Tours to Enrollments by Communicating More VALUE to Your Prospect! Also – Asking for the Enrollment & Handling Objections!


Building and Leveraging Customer Loyalty – How to Get Lifetime Referrals & Tons of Testimonials

Five Valuable Bonus Gifts Included

The Million-Dollar Resource Rolodex for Child Care Leaders, One Critique of Any Marketing Piece, Audio Training CD: Julie Bartkus on “Staff Motivation Myths that Are Sucking Your Time Away”, Special Report: “Secrets to Funding the Start-Up or Expansion of Your Child Care Business”,  and  the Special Report: “101 Ways to Market Your Preschool” by Joy Anderson.

guarantee2Our 1 Year 100% Guarantee

GUARANTEE #1: This system comes with my personal 100% money-back guarantee which is good for ONE WHOLE YEAR after your purchase date. So if after you open it up you find that it’s just not what you thought it was, that’s no problem. And you have up to 1 year to decide.

GUARANTEE #2: If you take action on what you learn in this system, I guarantee you will grow your enrollment by at least 5 new children in the next year. This means $50,000 in new revenue for your program. If you use the strategies I teach, and you don’t grow by at least 5 children (which is a tiny fraction of what I think will actually happen for you) I will give you a 100% full refund plus $100 extra for wasting your time.

No hassles, no questions asked, just let us know via email or phone, and we’ll refund you right away.


Praise for Kris Murray's Enrollment Boot Camp


“I’ve gotten a 100+% return from the Boot Camp, you’ve made a difference in my life and the lives of my family!”

“I would recommend Kris Murray to anyone seeking marketing advice for childcare. Kris is very knowledgeable, and offers excellent advice and services. In just over 6 weeks, I have increased visibility and have made superb inroads into fully optimizing my childcare and website and gaining top rankings already for our keywords and phrases. Now, if someone types “childcare for my area” in Google, my site is ranked #3 and in Yahoo! we’re ranked #4, which is awesome! The training that Kris has provided will have a lasting effect on me. She has taught me how to fish… as opposed to giving me a fish! Emotionally my self-management skills and self confidence have improved. I have become a more capable leader and innovator. I’m more aggressive and goal oriented. The Enrollment Bootcamp and Kris’s personal advice has single-handedly revolutionized how I interact with clients. I can see my big future and the people I need to share it with in life and in business. Thanks for all you’ve brought to the table. Your Boot Camp has been the best investment I’ve made for myself period. I’ve gotten a 100 +% return, you’ve made a difference in my life and the lives of my family … for the better! Thank You Kris!”


Dawn Try
Owner, Tiny Tots Family Child Care & Learning Center
Mt. Union, PA

“Enrolled 10 New Children During the 5-Week Bootcamp!”

“I enrolled in Ms.Murray’s 5-week Bootcamp and followed all the steps and suggestions that she made through her training. I will admit it was hard at first to follow some of the suggestions such as following a script on the phone with parents that where inquiring on my center. Once my Director and I got use to it we found that by the time the parents came in for a tour they felt very comfortable because we already knew information about them and their kids. I have enrolled 10 students since I started this course!!!”


Blanca Vasquez
Owner, Sweet Peas Daycare & Learning Center
El Paso, TX

Gerry-Kris-Jane-2011_Small-300x161“We’re Up by Over 150 Children in Our 5 Locations Since Working with Kris”

“Working with Kris and using her Enrollment Boot Camp strategies has been the single most important thing we’ve done to grow our enrollment. Quite simply we would not be where we are today without her expertise. As a husband-wife team of 5 large locations, we’ve gotten a huge return on investment from working with her. Save yourself lots of time, money and frustration and get the Enrollment Boot Camp – I promise you will not regret it.”


Gerry Pastor & Jane Porterfield
Owners, Educational Playcare
5 locations near Hartford, CT

“We’ve had an overall increased excitement by our staff in promoting and marketing our program!”

“After participating in Kris Murray’s 5-week Enrollment Bootcamp, not only have we increased the ranking and traffic to our website, and the transition of the number of enrollment inquiries to successful enrollments, but we have noticed an overall increased excitement by our staff in promoting and marketing our program. The “gold nuggets” that Kris Murray has shared with us, are practical and logical steps that are supported by her success with other programs. Thanks Kris!”


Lisa Richardson
Executive Director, Creche Child Care & Learning Center
Omaha, NE


“We Are Finally Enrolling New Children! Tripled Enrollment in 1 Location”

Superb Training! In my 25 plus years in the business, I have only once had training of this caliber! Kris has taken marketing to the next level! I feel rejuvenated! We tripled our enrollment in one of our locations (from 30 to 90 children) in just a few months using the Enrollment Boot Camp techniques. I no longer feel like my marketing efforts are fruitless and a waste of money. All of my center management are more motivated than ever. We are Facebooking and emailing and videoing and most importantly of all ENROLLING new children! Hats off to Kris and her Enrollment Boot Camp!”


Annette Gentry
Exec. Director, Creative Day School
Greensboro, NC

“Kris’s Enrollment Boot Camp was just what I needed to re-charge my business. She teaches no-nonsense techniques to get the phone to ring and boost enrollment. The information she provides is invaluable!”


Carla Emerson
Director, Children’s World Learning Center
Rancho Palos Verde, CA

“I work with Center Owners/Directors to help build a marketing and referral program. I suggest Kris’s system, the system works! Anyone can learn to market with her fabulous tools, tips, and resources. You can have a full enrollment with a wait list if follow her practical advice!”


Michele Chavez
Phoenix, Arizona

brynn_kelley“Eight NEW Families Enrolled in Just 5 Weeks!”

“Kris, you have been extremely helpful in the marketing of my business. I have learned more in 5 weeks then I could in any marketing class or training. From what I learned in Boot Camp, my inquiries and tours have gone through the roof. I have enrolled 8 families in 5 weeks. That is a huge success. I very much look forward to continuing this program and putting all that I have learned into play. Thank you so much for all your help and support. I’m so thankful for you!”


Brynn Kelley
Owner, Scribbles & Giggles Child Care
Lansing, MI