All of us here at The Child Care Success Company are still coming down off the excitement of this year’s Child Care Success Summit and the buzz we’ve been hearing from the attendees is enormous! The positive feedback for the Success Summit has been overwhelming and it is so exciting for us to hear the huge take-aways that everyone got from the event!

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“What a fabulous conference! My head is bursting with ideas for my centers and I also have two ideas for spin off businesses!!!”Jennifer Barnes

“It was beyond amazing and I blew through two to-do lists before the plane landed back in Houston. I was actually working so hard I lost track of time and almost missed the plane with two minutes to board left. I’m not overwhelmed I’m getting it done one step at atime! Thank you for all the inspiration!”Chelsea Reue

“What an amazing experience. I loved every bit of it and can’t wait till next year. Thanks so much for all the memories.”Jenn Bowe


We can not WAIT to hear about everyone’s results after implementing what they’ve learned from the conference. The amount of action we’ve seen people take to build a better child care business in JUST A COUPLE days from the event, is truly inspiring.

“We are redefining our core values, implementing a better staff rewards system for “wowing” tours, updating e-packet, and so much more! The conference was a blast and I left with such a renewed sense of purpose.” -Kayley Davis

“Added a staff review form for working interviews to the hiring process – used it yesterday, very informative! AND added a Pinterest and Twitter page, uploaded parent testimonial audio as our “hold music” and planted mums and decorated our front entrance area.”Mary Wardlaw

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“Where to begin… I have delegated a number of tasks, shared our vision and goals with the staff, started a “look whos talking” wall for parents to write what they love about their teachers, and have a new found sense of confidence. Thanks to you Kris and Vernon. Silence is acceptance is my new mantra!” Fran Tirrito Shellard



Everyone took advantage of being able to network with the other 450+ child care business owners and we saw some incredible “a-ha” moments about how much everyone loved to meet business owners that share in the same issues and day-to-day challenges!

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“How exciting. So blessed to have meet such great people and learned so much!!! Thanks Kris Murray!!!!!”Jenn Bowen




There were some really amazing speakers and presenters, including Charlie Whittmack and Mia Farrow, whose journeys inspired us all.

mia farrow child care success summit


Vernon Mason had EVERYONE cracking up! We also heard some great stories from child care business owners who have seen great results in their marketing and motivated everyone in the room to take action on their businesses.



“So many inspirational stories at the Summit today! Hearing others tell their story challenges me to keep working on mine!”Holly Smith Cramer

“It’s been a LONG week of vacation and work at the same time. Truly enjoyed and learned a wealth of information at Kris Murray Childcare Success Summit along with the funniest guy on earth, Vernon Mason.”Margaret Pettis

Every year at the Child Care Success Summit we have a Marketer of The Year contest that is open to all our followers. All the applicants have been working hard to grow their child care center and seen amazing results because of their efforts. The entries this year were so amazing it was hard to even choose the finalists. The winner was left up to a vote and Arianne Bettazzi  from Carmel Mountain Preschool won a trip to Crested Butte for some one-on-one coaching with Kris (and some fun on the slopes), along with $1000. Congrats to the whole Carmel Mountain Preschool Team, it really showed throughout the conference how much her staff LOVES what they do.

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“This week, members of our staff had the pleasure of attending The Child Care Success Summit, presented by Kris Murray. We learned how to grow our school by empowering our families, staff, and the community. We made new friends and shared some laughs. Most importantly, we walked away with a win for Marketer of the Year 2015! This award recognizes all the hard work our staff put into making CMP the best preschool for your children.”Carmel Mountain Preschool

Thanks to everyone that came to the Child Care Success Summit and making the event everything that it is, we couldn’t do it without all you awesome child care business owners that are doing great things for early childhood education.

Please make sure to write to us with all your great results. To those who couldn’t make it, we hope to see you next year!

Here’s a full video recap below from Bungalow Productions. Check it out: