Just one week ago, I was in the middle of hosting the 5th annual Child Care Success Summit conference.  With a room block of 700 room nights to fill, a large vendor hall to fill, and a massive ballroom with 600 seats to fill, you can imagine the work, level of detail, and stressful moments that might surround such an undertaking.

But it’s always worth it.  Just when I’ve had it up to here with potential snafus, hurricanes (think Matthew), grumpy attendees (the room’s too cold! Too hot!), and nights of little sleep…I witness one person in my audience have THAT moment.  The light bulb moment.  The precious insight of clarity, when they experience some BIG shift in mindset about themselves or their child care program.  It’s a pleasure to behold.  And that’s why I do what I do.

This is precisely what I told everyone in the audience in the first hour of the first day, last Thursday.  My Big Why is…to give early childhood leaders a combination of two precious things they may get nowhere else.  The Insight followed by the Motivation to do something about it.  Because without motivation or action, the Insight has little power.  It matters very little on its own It’s only when you take action on the a-ha moment that things start to change.

“There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight.”  – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Action is the the antidote to fear.”   – Kris Murray

At the Success Summit, we provide everyone with stickers they use to write down one big insight or “a-ha” moment.  Then the a-ha stickers are put on a big a-ha board where everyone can read them all.  It’s a pretty cool way for everyone to share with each other.  Then we pick one especially good insight and we reward that person with a crisp $100 bill on stage


We also have a page in our manual with a place for participants to list their top 10 a-ha moments, so they can capture them all on one page and paste it up in their office.  Pretty powerful.


I got this idea from a conference I personally attended back in 2011.  The host of the event pushed us to write down our insights in our manual and we collected them all on one page, so we could take action on them easier.  Which brings me to one of the big a-ha’s that has driven my business forward: study and adopt cool ideas and strategies wherever I see them, and figure out how I can use them in my business to grow my income, client base, and level of success.  There’s very rarely if ever an original idea, so don’t feel bad about modeling it.  Just make it your own by tweaking it – don’t be a copycat.

I wanted to share in today’s blog a few of the written a-ha moments I really liked from the a-ha board.  Of course, I like them all.  Now it’s up to each participant to take action on their insight so they can shift towards being the unstoppable achiever I know is inside every human being.  You just have to believe it’s possible, then start taking baby steps of action.

I hope you found inspiration in this.  If you’d like to share an insight or a comment below, we look forward to hearing from you.  And I hope you can be there with us in person next October!