In today’s world of advertising options, there are two things we always tell our clients to do often – one is video marketing and second is Facebook advertising. Facebook Live is free and you will get priority in the news feed of those that log into your site.  If you are “live” you will be seen first. This is your free way to be on top.

In addition to being live, it’s a way for your child care center’s Facebook followers to interact with your video live. You can even see live thumbs up or live hearts flying across the screen with viewer’s reactions which is so fun and “in the moment” feedback to your live content. Another great tip… Facebook also saves your live videos for up to 2 weeks so you can use it later for maybe a blog post or another promotion.

Did you know that the average person checks their phone 152 times a day?  So, this translates into being live, at their fingertips during one of those 152 times!  What’s not to love about that? It’s much more fun to watch a ‘live” video than just look at a picture.

How to use Facebook LIVE?

Video testimonials and video footage is one of the most popular ways to catch your parents and give them real-time action of their kids. This is especially important for millennials who are very tuned into being in the moment.  Facebook live is just that… it’s super authentic and totally ”in the moment”. This is a trust builder for sure with parents. Especially this time of year with all the fun holiday shows that the kids are doing, put some of those activities on Facebook LIVE. Parents who may be shopping for schools will see how much fun the kids are having and those moments can speak volumes about your school’s atmosphere and just general vibe/personality of your kids.  Some of our clients videos have actually gone viral!

Some other great places to shoot live video is outside or if one of your teachers does a particularly awesome circle time, parents love, love love seeing these kinds of moments.

Live videos are also a great way to attract new teachers.  Staff interactions with the kids and even other teachers can provide perfect windows into the real workings of your environment and culture.

Live testimonials with parents during Parents Night are the other way to use Facebook Live. What better time to get real time testimonials then right on the spot.  These will give you many miles of traction as you can use them on your website, on Youtube or even link them in your e- newsletters.

Remember,  leverage those live videos and share with us below others ways you’ve used Facebook LIVE in your child care marketing.