On our Kris Murray’s Insiders Club coaching call earlier this week, one of our members (Anne from Pennsylvania) asked us why we thought their preschool open house events weren’t seeming to work as well these days…and what they should do about it.

My response was two-fold.  First, I gave them some ideas for how to “breathe new life” into their open houses.  Second, even more importantly, I talked about the over-arching concept of WHY things that have worked in your business for YEARS may all of sudden stop working.   Allow me to elaborate.

Obviously, our society has changed in a number of ways, over just the past couple of years.  A LOT.  Think about how fast-paced life has become since the age of smartphones has dominated.  Imagine yourself back to 2002, just 15 years ago.  Most of us had flip phones back then.  And just 8 short years before that, there was NO INTERNET.  This is kind of mind-blowing to ponder.

So with this super-fast pace of change, and pace of life in general in 2017, customers are acting and responding differently to things.  They get bored and distracted MUCH more easily.  They have thousands more marketing messages and social media messages being thrown at them every day. You have to work much harder as a business to get the attention of your prospects and customers, and get them to take action with you.

This is the important concept that I want you to take away from this blog post today.  I want you to look at your business and really give some thought to what programs, processes, customer appreciation events, referral programs, and other initiatives in your child care business (or any business) are tired, boring, or just plain not performing like they used to.  How can you breathe new life into these programs by dusting them off and giving them new PIZZAZZ?

This brings me to an example of how TODAY I am doing this very thing – bringing new life into my oldest membership program, the Kris Murrays Insiders Circle (now known as Kris Murray’s Insiders Club).  Here’s what we did to increase the value, excitement, and gain attention for this new program: (link to:

  • We added 5 new benefits to the program, including 2 monthly “plug and play tools” for your school – one on marketing/enrollment and one on staff success
  • We rebranded the membership with a new name and a new logo
  • We set a goal to grow from 80 to 250 members over the next few weeks, which will enable more sharing, more community, more what’s working, and more RESULTS for our members
  • We enticed people to join by giving away a box of free training gifts & resources valued at $3930, shipped to them for free when they become a member

If you’d like more concrete ideas for how I answered Anne’s question about how to improve the attendance to her open houses, click over to my Facebook page and watch the recent LIVE training session I did, using Facebook Live.  There you’ll get 4 great strategies for how to double or triple the attendance to your open houses or other school events.  Good luck!