Are you using one of the key secret ingredients when marketing your child care?

Reviews and testimonials are a great way to provide credibility and create a trusting relationship with prospective parents. 

Testimonials can be used in every aspect of your marketing. You can put them on your Facebook page, website, print ads, and posters around your center; the list is endless.

But, how do you get these testimonials? You ASK for them.


Don’t be nervous about asking! Your customers love you and they want to sing your praises to the world but they need some help because they are busy too. kid-with-megaphone

Make it easy for them. Here are some ways you can simplify gathering testimonials for your business:

Use feedback systems that you already have in place like review cards and suggestion boxes to solicit positive comments and then ASK those parents if you may use their positive comments in your marketing materials.

When people provide you with unsolicited thank you notes, positive emails, and testimonials ASK if you can publish them. Catch them in the hall or send them an email or text and say, “Thank you so much for the thank you note, may I use it in my marketing materials and post it on my website?”

For example I got an email from Brynn Kelley at Squiggles and Giggles that said “Thank you so much, you changed my life. I got a new playground for $27,000 cash. Here is a picture of our new playground.” I called her immediately and ASKED her if I could use her testimonial in my marketing. Easy! See more examples here. 

Use video to capture testimonials at one of your events. Set up a simple camera like an iPhone or web cam and then ASK a parent why they chose your program. Once people start doing the videos others will gravitate towards them too. It doesn’t need to be fancy or perfect, just make it easy for them and make it real. Want some other ways to use video in your marketing?

Once you put a little focus into it and ASK your customers, you will have great testimonials to market your child care business.