Jolene Conigliaro, winner of Kris Murray’s Marketer of the Year Contest, tells her story of success at the Child Care Success Summit and explains how working with Kris Murray gave her the tools she needed to take her Child Care Business to the next level. Jolene became the director in 2005, within 2 years she took over the business, doubled the licensing capacity, enrolled in a food program, and took part in her state accreditation, receiving the highest star rating in her county.


Jolene was proud of her accomplishments and jokes she thought she “knew everything” at that point. Two beliefs Jolene was operating under were:

  1.   You will never make any money operating a child care business
  2.   Directors should be working IN the business

Sound familiar? How many of you are operating under those very same beliefs?

Then Jolene found Kris Murray, and learned those very beliefs were actually crippling her business. After just one call with Kris, Jolene realized she did not have the data she needed to run a successful center.

Kris invited Jolene to join our Gold Core Program, which is part of the Child Care Success Academy. Jolene admits she was “terrified!” She was worried about whether or not she could afford it. After sitting down with her business partner, Jolene found she couldn’t afford NOT to work with Kris. She had taken the business as far as she could on her own.

Jolene’s first event was attending Child Care Success Academy’s live Gold Mastermind Meeting, Jolene was inspired by Kris and the other owners in the room. Jolene now had a huge vision, but would her team be on board?! Jolene was relieved to know that once she shared her vision, her team was on board.

From May – Nov, Jolene received 39 phone calls, she had 31 come in and tour, and of those 31 tours 30 enrolled in her center! That’s a 97% closing rate!!!

During Jolene’s very first phone call with Kris she realized she was leaving $67,000 on the table a year – now she is 100% full!

Jolene is now working on opening her second center. Through working with Kris, Jolene has realized that SHE can run a successful and profitable program that offers quality care.

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