Do you use numbers in your marketing messages at your child care? Using numbers such as the amount of families you have served, or the number of years of experience your teachers have, will help create trust with your prospects and give a sense of longevity in the child care market.

If you have been in the child care business for a while you can look back at your records and estimate how many children and families you’ve served. Take a cue from McDonald’s. You can put on your sign:

3,127 families served since 1986.

Would this engender trust? Yes. It paints a picture of how long you’ve been in the child care business, how well your child care business is run, how knowledgeable you are about the field, and all the families you’ve helped over the years.

If you are fairly new to the market you can have something like teacher tenure be a part of your marketing message. You can say something like:

We have a combined teacher experience of 323 years.

When you use numbers in your marketing, it’s powerful. People remember numbers, odd numbers in particular. Saying something like 3,000 families served since 1986 sounds less authentic than the actual (or estimated) number, so don’t round it off.

These numbers should be in your marketing key points. The message can be on your website, your brochures, and headlines in your advertising.

It is a simple, easy way to demonstrate knowledgeability and create trust.