Using a Mastermind group as a part of your business plan for a childcare marketing program is the best way I know to get FAST breakthroughs and make major leaps in your business and personal life. This effective process provides solutions to your everyday problems and challenges by using the powerful tools of networking, creative brainstorming and accountability.

The Mastermind group concept first appeared in Napolean Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich in 1937 and has been successfully applied by more and more people with every passing decade. Simply defined, it is the meeting of two or more minds for a common purpose, supporting each other’s ideas non-competitively with harmonious encoura gement, shared insights and resources. Business owners and directors who participate in Mastermind groups share an intensely beneficial experience.

Powerful benefits result from being in a Mastermind group, and here are just a few:

•    Sharing New Ideas, Fresh Perspectives and Best Practices – Having an influx of new and fresh resources from a group of trusted and respected peers gives you exponentially valuable perspective both from previous experiences and future creative brainstorming. This fresh reserve of brainpower may be the most valuable asset a business owner can have.

•    Being Held Accountable – A favorite benefit is having others in the Mastermind group to act as sounding boards for your ideas. They hold you accountable to work on strategic items that will increase revenue and enrollment till completion of your plans. The group can track members’ progress by using simple systems to ensure responsible follow-up.

•    Getting Away from Your Progam to Gain Clarity – Meeting in a different location from where you do business allows Mastermind group participants to think clearly and with much more ease of focus. In your place of business, where others tug and pull you in the many directions that daily pressures require, it is difficult to make significant changes in perspective and planning.

•    Positive, Moti vational Networking and Group Bonding – Laughing and having fun with other people who have the same challenges and victories that you face on a daily basis is so worthwhile. The discussions and stimulation that Mastermind groups share infuse you with motivation and inspiration to meet each challenge with energy, excitement and passion. Some owners say this engagement is critical to their staying in business.

•    Shortening Learning Curve in a Success-Oriented Environment – Connecting with business peers who have similar experience, you tap into, learn and benefit from their input in a highly compacted timeframe. The Mastermind group enables you to bring your best focus to your business. There is a unique energy to which you contribute and from which you learn and grow.  This is where business breakthroughs take place regularly.

When working with like-minded child care center owners, the old saying “two heads are better than one” truly applies. Consider participating in a Mastermind group if you want powerful tools to take your business and your childcare program to the next level.  So how do you find the Mastermind group that’s right for you?  The first place to start is the people you’re already networking with in the child care field…perhaps you have a local group or a state-sponsored group.  You might need to kick-start your colleagues by starting the group yourself.  If you’re worried about sharing business secrets with local competitors, look for a national group where members are from different parts of the country, and fly to a central spot to meet in person.

(Curious about our Platinum Mastermind group? For more information on Kris Murray’s Platinum VIP Mastermind group, send us an email to and put “Platinum” in the subject line.  We’ll set up a 30-minute complimentary strategy session to see if it’s right for you).

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