This particular blog post is an important beginning for me and Child Care Marketing Solutions.  It’s a milestone!  The very first episode of my brand new podcast called Child Care Rockstar Radio is now available.  I’m THRILLED that this podcast is finally launched and ready for you to listen to. I’m confident that the intimate nature of this format will motivate you to achieve the success you desire in the child care industry.

Listen to the First 3 Episodes on our new podcast page HERE.

Why did I start an early childhood podcast?  Doesn’t the world have enough podcasts already?  And just who is spending hours listening to all these gosh-darn radio shows anyway?

Well, of course I hope Child Care Rockstar Radio is a little bit different than anything else that’s out there today.  It’s a little bit personal story, some raw real moments from me and my guests, mashed up with solid business strategies and very fresh ideas for preschool management and leadership.  It’s sassy, savvy, fun, and sometimes tearful.  Most of all, it’s a newfound passion of mine.

Did I say newfound?  Hmmm.  Back in the late 80’s, I DJ’d at several radio stations to make ends meet.  In 1993, I became a volunteer DJ on KBUT and had my own radio show on Tuesday nights (it was called The Funky Feast).  Then when I moved back to Crested Butte in 2012, I was a fill-in DJ and played pop, R&B, and bluegrass primarily.  Fast forward to today, I have my own radio show again – but this time, it’s on iTunes!!

So, this new podcast is the best way for me to blend my love of radio with my desire to bring you the stories of the hundreds of unsung heroes in our industry.  From the actual practitioners in our field – owners, directors, and leaders – to providers of tools, technology, and best practice solutions – it’s all here.  Innovators, thought leaders, and the hidden stories of triumph.

We’ll be on iTunes, Google Play, iHeart Radio, and more.  Subscribe today to Child Care Rockstar Radio and join me for this new awesome journey.