In this week’s episode of Child Care Rockstar Radio, meet Evan Goldman - an early learning veteran with three decades of business expertise and a true love and respect for early childhood education.

The founder of Early Education Group, Evan and I peel back the layers on government funding of child care, the huge impact of technology, industry trends, and innovative ideas for our field.

Evan’s take on the growth and change in the child care landscape is truly inspiring.  He shares his family’s impressive background in high-quality early education and then he and I do a deep dive on several topics related to the business of early learning.

On the show, we also discuss:

  • How to find your unique messaging in such a competitive field, and why communicating your company’s differences are so important to thrive and succeed
  • An insider view on how early childhood funding and regulations could be improved
  • The meaning of a true child care “rock star” and some living examples for Evan
  • Resources that Evan recommends people should get into right away to educate and inform themselves as early childhood business owners and leaders.
  • And much more.

We think Evan is a rock star himself, and maybe we’ll even have him as a return guest one day as he and I hike up Machu Picchu!

I know you’ll get a lot out of this interview.  So head over to iTunes, Google Play, or our podcast page  to listen to this episode, and all our episodes.



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