Did you know there is a gold mine sitting in your email inbox? I am absolutely SERIOUS!


We were just at a conference in Utah doing a session about online marketing and I kept hearing this common theme, which is “I don’t want to market or follow up too much via email with my prospects because I don’t want to bug them. I don’t want to be too pushy”.

LISTEN…this is a mindset you MUST get over!

You NEED to get noticed and follow up and STAY in front of your prospects! Here’s the key:

  • Make it fun.
  • Give them content they value.

You can model your emails after what I’m doing right now. I’m following up with you weekly with my email newsletters. I am making it fun because I am telling you all about what is going on with me and my kids and the holidays AND I’m giving you VALUE with marketing advice and tips that will help your businesses grow.

Follow my lead and don’t worry about over marketing to your prospects. You are leaving massive amounts money on the table by NOT using the emails that you’re collecting to build your list and stay in front of your families.

Following up via email will really set you apart from your competition because basically NOBODY in the industry is doing it. We went mystery shopping in Seattle and Dallas at a ton of locations and I couldn’t believe it—almost NO ONE used email or phone to follow up.

Here are four ways to help you make following up with your leads more fun and valuable:

  1. Use your personality and story. I do this with you all the time. I use my personality and personal story and tell you what I am up to in my life. I tell you funny stories about my kids and also struggles that I have overcome, like my son’s struggle with ADHD. DON’T be afraid, this will attract people to you!
  2. Make it about THEM. Use targeted language to make your messages all about them and not just about you and your center. Tell them how you can serve them better, give them some cool testimonials, show them some pictures of what the kids are doing and learning. Show them you understand their parenting challenges and tell them how you can help address them.
  3. Provide fresh and valuable content. Give them articles, blog posts and parenting tips. List fun activities that are going on in the community. Tell them how you get kids to tie their shoes or how you can help with biting issues. This will give your content VALUE.
  4. BRAND your emails. Don’t just use a generic email….make sure your logo and tagline and links to your social media are in this correspondence. Use an email template and be consistent so that it always looks the same. They will know it’s from you and that it is fun and valuable and then they will OPEN IT.

Those are the tips for following up with your prospects; personality and fun, make it about them, make it valuable and brand it.

You are NOT over-marketing! Use these tips and MINE the GOLD that is waiting for you in your inbox!