Why would one child care business owner be more successful than another? Both are accomplished at their “craft” of running a business, but one of them has moved beyond and has become the “marketer” of what she does.

Both owners live in the same area, both have high quality child care programs and both are NAEYC accredited.  The two are equal in most ways except……

“Jane” has written a short book called “Successful Preschool Years for the Busy Parent”, and has published a short pamphlet for parents. She also is active on the boards around the area and has won the “Local Entrepreneur of the Year” award.  Her school has also won other local awards.

“George” runs his school really well but keeps to himself.  He has alot of pride in his school but wonders why he is not at full capacity.

Learning how to delegate the day-to-day “running of the school” will free you up to move away from the “technician role” of your business to the “marketer role”.

Join us at the 2017 Child Care Success Summit to gain insights into strategies like these along with many other inspiring business / marketing tactics to help bring your child care center to the next level.

As always, share with us any strategies you’ve used to help elevate your success below.