When is the last time you asked your teachers for the truth about how much they pay for their own classroom supplies? According to a nationwide study that just came out, teachers are paying for 87% of their own classroom supplies.


I see this problem all the time. Here’s what teachers are telling me when I visit your child care centers:

  • “We don’t have enough supplies”.
  • “We don’t have the supplies we need”.
  • “We are de-motivated to do our jobs because we have to spend money out of our own pocket to get the things we need for our classrooms.”

We all know that teachers do not get paid a lot of money. Having teachers spend money out of their own pocket for 50-80% of what they need for their classrooms is one of the biggest de-motivators that I see in this industry.

I want you to get real with yourself and your staff. Shine a light on this problem and have a truth talk with your teachers TODAY.

Ask your teachers how much they are spending on supplies. Say, ” I need you to be 100% honest with me. Over the last 6 months how much have you spent out of your own pocket for classroom supplies?” I really think the answer will surprise you.

When I visit your centers and talk with you at Child Care Success Academy Mastermind Meetings so many of you ask me:

  • “Why do we have bad staff morale”?
  • Why do we have high staff turnover”?

This is one of the main reasons. You just can’t expect teachers to buy the supplies they need out of their own pocket.

Here is an interesting story about one of our clients that had this problem. I visited them and I heard from all of the teachers that they didn’t have the supplies they needed. Then I went into their huge supply closet and saw that had shelves and shelves and bins full of classroom supplies.

In that case I said to the owner, “Let’s have a teacher FUN day where we bring in pizza and PAY them to go through all of these awesome supplies that are just sitting here unused? Let’s let them have a complete extravaganza of supplies. Let’s just open it up and see how much that will do for morale, just that one little thing”?

If that’s the case for you and you have a bunch of old supplies in a closet somewhere and you have teachers who are complaining and buying supplies out of their own money…you need to fix this.

You need to give teachers the love and the financial support and the classroom support they need to do the 110% best job that they can do. THAT is what leadership is about.

For more information about the nationwide study read Teachers Spend Their Own Money on Classroom Necessities.