How do highly successful child care leaders have time to enjoy their life with loved ones or relax on a beach in some exotic location while also running a business? The secret is simple. They follow simple time management strategies and stick to them.

Everyone has 24 hours of time in their day. Here are two time management strategies that we talk about a lot in the Child Care Success Academy, that will help you and your childcare business grow and develop:

1.Track your time. Simple enough, and highly effective. Grab a notebook and pen or open a new Excel spreadsheet. Start writing down everything that you do in your day to day and how long it takes you to do each task. Do this for a week or even a month. This will give you great clarity and insight into how you spend your time. You don’t want to be walking into your school and fighting fires all the time. You need to make sure you have systems in place so you are focusing on what moves your business forward.

An example of successfully using time tracking is Child Care Success Academy member Matt. He tracked his time for a month and realized he was spending up to 32 hours a month attending to emergencies and only 8% of his time moving his business forward with training and marketing. This awareness and insight opened Matts eyes and with training Matt began to delegate these emergencies to his childcare staff. Not only did this empower his staff but gave him time to focus on the business needs and his personal growth.

2. Time blocking. It’s important to go through your list of priorities and block off time in your calendar to address these every day. Then stick to the time you block off for that activity! This ensures you set aside time for high pay-off activities in your business. Make sure you have enough time given for each task. Then add in your team meetings and one-on-one meetings with team individuals. An electronic calendar works well for this, such as Google or Outlook.

With good practice you’ll find yourself being able to manage a lot more on your to-do list while growing and building your childcare business and, most importantly, allowing yourself to enjoy your life.

Let us know what time management strategies you are using to get a handle on your time in the comments below!