Have you had a parent book a tour at your child care center, only to not show up when it’s time for the tour? It happens a lot in our industry; parents are busy and forget, or decide on another child care option. However, it is a big time waster for you and your business, and there are actions you can take to prevent this from happening.

I have two strategies you can use to virtually eliminate enrollment tour no-shows.

First is to choose the closing language of your phone conversation very carefully. In my Child Care Success Academy coaching programs I provide my clients with a whole phone script on inquiries. This includes how to close the conversation so that you create a verbal contract with the parent.

I recommend saying something such as, “Now we realize emergencies happen and things can come up in your schedule. Could you please do me a favor and give us a call if something comes up so that we can reschedule.”

Then pause.

Give them the chance to say yes and create a verbal contract with you. They will be much less likely to no-show if you frame it right from the beginning that they are expected to call you if their plans change.

You can also say something along the lines of, “We have a lot of parents calling us to book tours and we’d love to be able to provide that slot to someone else if your plans do change.”

This creates a sense of scarcity at your program and makes it all that more desirable. Just this one strategy will help you reduce tour no-shows by at least 30-40%.

The other strategy is to send a reminder to the parents.  Towards the end of the conversation you can let them know you would like to offer them the service of a text reminder or an email reminder that you can send an hour before the tour.

This also provides the oTime Wasterpportunity to get or verify their phone and email if you haven’t done so already. Then you also have permission to text the parent which also provides another opportunity for follow-up after the tour.

Don’t forget – get the parent to make a verbal agreement with you on the phone and, second, send them reminders. These two strategies will reduce no-shows and help you to better manage and maximize your time!

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