Back-To-Basics …. 

The Big 3 Essentials to Keep Your Enrollment Full

Let’s revisit the Kris Murray, Back- to-Basics, Big 3 things you need to be doing in your enrollment building to stay full.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Or realizing you aren’t full? Going into fall is the perfect time to look at these basic strategies with your entire team. Check in to see that you  are continuing to use these essentials in your enrollment process. Just these 3 things will get you to that 80% of what’s effective to get you full.

In terms of being full, now that we have come out of the recession from 5 years ago and we’re facing more abundance in our economy and more employed Moms and Dads, many of you are getting full with a waiting list.  Once you get full you have much more power in your marketing and your business when you are operating from that place of fullness and abundance.

Here are my basics…

Tracking (1)

You need a system to track your enrollment success. This will give you the clarity about what’s going on in your enrollment funnel.. the leads are coming in…they call you, they choose to take a tour…they choose to enroll..then you follow up.  Each of these steps are measured with your tracking system. This can be a paper spreadsheet, which is inside our Enrollment Boot Camp training system, some kind of software –  the best one in our industry is Child Care CRM or you can use another type of software system that tracks all your leads, your email inquiries or walk ins.  This all goes into your system and you can measure your conversion rate. What percentage am I converting from all my inquiries. This will all come from your enrollment funnel.


unique (1)

How are you different and unique from the other centers that you are competing with?  Clarify and communicate what your specific differences are…it’s your special unique features that sets you apart. Maybe it’s your special organic meals, your largest age appropriate playground in the area etc. Communicate these in all your marketing efforts, on the phone, during your tours and in all your marketing materials.  This is why you market, to talk about your differences…communicate how you are different from your competition.



Use the voice of your customer! Parent testimonials, teacher testimonials and online reviews.  What other people say about you is so much more credible, powerful and believable than what you say about yourself – We call these juicy benefit driven testimonials and reviews. You can use these in many different locations – on your van, on the wall of your school, on your website and on Facebook.

So check in with yourself and your staff.  Track your funnel, dig into your numbers, are you highlighting your differences and are you utilizing your testimonials to the fullest to benefit your enrollment?  If you re-visit these 3 Basics for enrollment you should get full pretty quickly.