As busy child care leaders, we all receive tons of marketing messages in our email inbox on a daily basis. And, I have to admit, some of them I just delete without even reading them. I bet you do too. My time is just too precious to spend on marketing messages that I am not interested in at the moment. However, there are plenty of emails that I DID OPEN AND READ this week! They were:

  • A clothing store that I occasionally shop at was having a sale, and since I’ve been losing some weight (Yay me!), I opened, clicked and shopped.

  • A blogger that I follow sent me tips for killer social media posts, and that information could help me in my job. Opened, read, & ideas noted…..(this blogger just strengthened her relationship with me by offering these tips, btw)

  • Kris Murray’s newsletter is a favorite in my inbox, it always gets opened and read, but this week she sent a few extra emails with a super sweet deal on the Summit Sessions 2016. Lots of opens and clicks!

These emails were important to me. I had interest in them. I wanted more information. I opened, read and clicked……and even made a purchase!

EMAIL MARKETING WORKS when it lands in the inbox of an interested party. I should also note that even with the emails that I deleted without reading this week, I didn’t unsubscribe. I want to get future messages from these places…..I just wasn’t in the market this week.

What does this mean for you? Using email to market your child care business is something every center owner should be doing.

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When a prospect raises their hand and asks for more information on your program, they want all the information they can get asap. Current clients need to be nurtured and marketed to through email as well. And even if someone isn’t ready to sign up with you right now, if you keep building a relationship with them by including email marketing, they are more likely to remember you when they are ready!

Here are five simple reasons using email should be a part of your child care center’s marketing plan.

1. It’s free, or really cheap

That’s right. There are NO printing costs. No postage. There might be a subscription cost to a service to that allows you to create graphic emails and set up auto responders, but it’s usually really small. And you can send thousands of messages during the month. Think of the printing and postage costs you are saving.

2. It’s easy and instant

child care marketing

Everyone knows how to use email. It’s a very mellow way to share a message with your prospects and clients. You can let them know about special offers, openings and events so easily and non-confrontationally. And as soon as you send a message it’s there in your recipient’s pocket instantly. No waiting for snail mail. If you have an opening or a special event, you can tell your list in a flash.

3. It reaches Millennials

Just about every new mom has a smart phone in their pocket, and chances are her email account is connected to her smart phone. Millennials are using their smart phones for everything these days. When that notification dinger goes off, messages are checked almost instantly. In some cases, an opening can be filled the same day a message goes out, if that message gets in front of the right prospect!

4. It can help to build relationships with your prospects and clients

Every time your name or your center’s name is in front of your prospect or client, it makes an impression on them. Think about some of the companies you do business with. Some of them email you regularly and the more often you see an offer from them or an article from them, the more likely you are to buy from them when you need what they are selling. It will have the same effect if you are using email marketing regularly with your child care. After a while you’ll become a familiar and trusted source because you have been working on creating a relationship with them through email.

5. It can be automated

YES, if you spend some time planning out your email campaigns, you can automate them. How awesome would it be if a prospect is searching for child care at 1 in the morning, and sends an inquiry for more info through your website, and they get that info instantly…..while you are sleeping. And then in a day or two they get a follow up email with more info and inviting them for a tour…..and then another a few days later. If you do a little bit of work to plan your campaigns in the beginning, you can set them and forget them and have them working for you to build relationships with your prospects on auto pilot.

Creating email marketing campaigns is something you can certainly do on your own with some thought and planning. We actually have an upcoming webinar to teach you all about how to use email to market your child care and put your relationship building on autopilot! Click to sign up here.

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I hope these tips have helped you get excited about why you should use email marketing for your child care business. Have fun creating! – Sindye Alexander