He grew up with a preschool in his home. He cooked and drove the bus, and paid bills while he was watching the kids. As he organically grew his preschool with his mom as his partner, they earned very little money for many of those early years, putting every dollar back into the business. “I think I’m relatable to people in our field because there are so many people in our industry STILL who make no money.”

Vernon Mason is the featured guest on today’s podcast Episode 9, and you are in for a treat! Vernon is an author, speaker, trainer, and owner of Wee Schools, five child care centers in North Carolina.

After a hurricane demolished his preschool in 1999, he built a building three times the capacity of his former school and was able to fill it fairly quickly, due to his relatability, parent relationships, humor, and great leadership.

If you know Vernon, you will love this episode because we laugh a lot and honestly discuss meaningful issues about early childhood staff, leadership issues, and customers. If you don’t know Vernon, you will likely fall in love with him on this episode.

On this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What happened when Vernon grew from 1 location to 4 locations in just 12 months, and how he found his way back to sanity
  • How to make the shift from working IN the business to ON the business
  • What he spends time guiding his directors on, to set them up for success in any situation
  • How he empowers his leaders and his teachers, so they are bought in to his vision and motivated in their classrooms
  • Examples of his bonus and reward systems that you can model in your early learning program
  • A deep dive about the issue of feeling guilty as a child care leader, which causes us to keep parents or employees with us too long who are NOT serving us
  • Guilt versus empathy, and how our emotions play a huge part in our employment and customer decisions
  • What to do with those “toxic” people in our company, that we should have let go of months or even years ago
  • How to improve the customer service experience for the parents in your program, since they are the ones paying the bill (after all)
  • And much more

This is a not-to-be-missed episode that is chock full of wisdom and business ideas, AND it’s incredibly entertaining! So head over to iTunes, Google Play, or our podcast page  to listen to this episode, and all our episodes.



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