Every year I host the world’s largest early learning business conference, The Child Care Success Summit. It’s my baby. And it’s coming up fast, October 5th – 7th in Chicago.

One of the best parts of the conference is the “best of the best” contest where attendees tell their story from stage, and the audience votes for the winner.  These true-life transformations are what this conference is ALL about.  Incredibly inspiring.

In the past, this contest was called “Marketer of the Year.”  We realized that there are many more parts of a typical success journey than just marketing, including staff, culture, customer service, leadership, finances, operations, quality, and more.

So we re-named the contest and the award to be more all-encompassing.  It’s called the “Child Care Rockstar” award.  And the contest opens TODAY.

The first place winner will receive $2,500 in cash PLUS a trip to Kris’s office near Aspen/Snowmass, CO for a full day consult with Kris on your business and a VIP dinner for you and your guest…. Why wouldn’t you apply?

Ready to take the leap?

The deadline is fast approaching.  You have 3 ½ weeks to tell us and the entire child care industry how you have knocked it out of the park this year with your marketing, enrollment building efforts, leadership, team, and all around successes!

The contest is open to anyone planning to join us at the Child Care Success Summit in CHICAGO this October 5-7th. Just complete the questionnaire, give us some examples of the amazing things you have accomplished over the last year and how you have made those “home runs” with your business.  This page will give you all the details, rules, and guidelines, as well as the top 3 prizes.

I can’t wait to receive your submission, and see if you become our very first Child Care Rockstar!