Do you follow-up with parents after they tour your child care center? Do you know there are lots of different ways to follow-up?

Studies have shown that in today’s economy a consumer won’t usually do business with a company until they have at least 7 touches (or points of contact) with the company. There is really a level of trust, especially in the child care industry, that needs to be created with a prospect.

Follow-up helps you stay in front of the parent and build that trusting relationship with them. They say that fortune is in the follow-up! Following up with prospects will really make a huge impact on your enrollment and your revenue.

I know some of you are afraid to follow-up because you think it may come across as “sales-y”. It’s not! It’s actually a service to your potential customers to follow up frequently.

We are all busy and stressed. So when you take the time to follow up with folks via either email, a phone call, or by sending them helpful things such as articles, blog post, newsletters, etc. it makes you come across an expert in the child care field and it really nurtures the relationship that you have with them.

There are two types of follow-up: direct and indirect.

Direct follow-up means contacting the prospect with an email, a phone call, or a mailing and all three should really be integrated into your follow-up sequence. One really successful follow-up mailing I’ve seen is sending out a children’s book, put in an oversized envelope addressed to the child, with a note to the parent. I’ve seen just this method increase a child care center owner’s conversion ratio by about 35%.

Another fun mailing is sending a card addressed to the child signed by all the children in the classroom. Parents really appreciate these kinds of things that make their child light up!

The indirect method relates to staying in front of your prospects with information, tips, fun stories, etc. Social media such as YouTube, Pintrest, and Facebook is a great place for this.

All you have to do to enable this sort of follow-up is to ask your prospects to like your Facebook page and find you on other social media by sending them links in your prospect packet and in an automated email that goes out after a tour. This will enable you to be in front of them indirectly and push them to make that enrollment decision after they see all the fun stuff your doing!

Another good method of indirect follow-up are weekly mailings with articles, blog posts or videos (like the ones I do for you all). Send a video of your directors or teachers giving a child care or parenting tip. Write an article and blog post from that video. Or write a cute story about something that happened that week. It can be fun!

Create a system for follow-up and then make sure you stick to it. If you are looking for help with follow-up and marketing materials we have a whole program called Done-For-You where we act as your “mini-ad agency” and provide you materials you can use for follow-up. We have a brand new benefit in this program that provides you with a follow-up campaign  with all the steps, example emails, example phone call scripts, holiday messages and more.

In addition to the campaigns we provide you with social media content, done-for-you parent newsletters and a lot more. Our Holiday Gift to you this year for you is a $1 30 day free trial to try the program out and access all our archived materials as well so check it out at

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