Many child care owners and managers are afraid to really market and get their message out in the community in a big way. They hesitate, feeling fearful, nervous and concerned about being too ‘salesy.’ Many are frustrated, and even feel defeated, with today’s economy. Whatever the reason may be, they don’t get the word out about the service they provide and how great that service is.

It may be a real shift in mindset for many child care providers to understand the connection between the marketing of your message and the fulfillment of your purpose on this planet. Consider this:

Your Purpose on this Planet:
With each child and family you help,
you change the world little by little.

Your fulfillment of purpose is tied to the difference your program makes in the life of each child. Families need you right now. Beneficial ripples result from the tiny pebbles of goodness that you drop into the big pond—the lives of all the children in your care. If providing great child care is what you are put on this earth to do, then your wonderful purpose is furthered by all of your marketing efforts. It is your duty to get the word out about the goodness of your program.
Without getting the word out about your services, you cut short the connection with the many families who will benefit from knowing what you provide. So, get past any fears and hesitations about the goodness of marketing. Drop any beliefs that you shouldn’t have to market your services. It is of value to you and to all the families you will serve for your program to be successful. The better you learn to market, the more you will be able to fulfill your purpose and provide the service you were put on this earth to provide.
Using the email newsletters, articles, and training videos I provide to you, get motivated, inspired and armed to take action with the many marketing skills that will make your community outreach effective. Join your local Chamber of Commerce; seek community partners, such as hair salons, pediatric dentists and toy stores, etc. Get out and take action, knowing that it’s okay—and in fact, it’s wonderful!—to get the word out about your child care program. Talk about how you help families and children, and spread that word throughout your community. Market your goodness—online, on foot, face-to-face, with brochures and through referral requests—and all will benefit.
Get inspired and resolved to take the marketing steps that make possible the ‘little drops in the pond’ that fulfill your purpose. Remember that every family you serve is helped by your efforts. Make a difference with your marketing today!

Your Success Assignment:  Get in touch with your real feelings about marketing, promoting, and SELLING your program.  It’s OK to have fears, doubts, and concerns – the first step is to acknowledge them.  Spend 30 minutes today considering the “ripple effect” you have on families in your community, and how you can play a bigger game – being of service to more children and parents.  If you experience any “a-ha’s” or insights, write them down.   Then, make a plan to take more action marketing and promoting your program.

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