Today’s episode is a complete game changer. Kris brings in Chanie Wilschanski from DiscoverEd Consulting to talk about innovative ways of getting unstuck out of ‘overwhelm,’ and focus on your superpowers, ultimately to lead you to excellence and abundance. Chanie discusses her own passion and values, the important steps in decision making, how to navigate distracts, why it’s okay to eliminate some ‘to do’s’ and some of the great side effects that come with increased productivity.

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Key Takeaways From This Podcast:

Chanie Wilschanski is an Early Childhood Leadership Coach and CEO of DiscoverED Consulting. Chanie’s leadership program is designed to help early childhood directors build a school of excellence, a collaborative culture, and a creative environment that fosters the growth of teachers as leaders.

Chanie started as a Teacher’s Assistant when she was 18 and taught toddlers directly for eight years. She moved up to lead teacher, then an admin role as director and became a coach to work with early childhood leaders.

Chanie is first generation American, as both her parents are Russian immigrants. She speaks Russian, Hebrew, and Yiddish, and credits her background with giving her extra understanding for accepting all in the classroom.

As a busy mother of four, Chanie practices quick decision making and has powerful systems in place to make the best use of her time.

Chanie shares an experience early in her journey that made her ask what about a certain environment caused a teacher to act in a completely different way than what she was used to. This had an impact on Chanie, and she was now curious to explore communication, habits, and how directors can best motivate and lift up their staff.

Chanie names the three important steps to become a better decision maker, which will, in turn, increase productivity:

1. The need for data and insight into how you are realistically functioning.

2. Determine the high-value paths to move the business path that only you can do, and what you are truly awesome at (your superpower).

3. Your routines that deliver the results you are after.

Understand the power of constraint and the importance of consistent and structured weekly huddles with your team.

Your zone of genius is what makes a childcare rockstar. It’s the quality you possess that seems to come naturally, and it’s important to leverage this skill on a daily basis. For Chanie, hers is relationship building, and it’s extremely present in the way she shows up as a leader.

Family values are at the forefront of everything Chanie creates both for herself and within her business.

As a leader, it’s important to cultivate and log all of those million-dollar ideas and creative bursts in a specific place.

To Chanie, a teacher of excellence is open to growth and evolution and pushes out of their comfort zone.

Access Chanie’s 3 mini video series to learn more about productivity here: