I’m going to be on national television this weekend.  This Sunday, April 9th at 11:00 am Eastern time, I’ll have a 15-minute segment on a show called Moving America Forward, which airs on Biz TV.  Biz TV is a syndicated show that plays on many local affiliates in most major markets.  See the image at the bottom of this blog for a list of channels and stations, and I hope you’ll be able to tune in and watch me.

I’d like to give you the “back story” of how this came about, and more importantly, how YOU as a small business owner can use this idea to gain your own local exposure by using media appearances. 

By the way, when I recommend using local media and press releases to early childhood folks, they often get a gripping look of fear and a “deer in the headlights” gleam in their eyes…because the idea of being featured in a media story or publication is simply terrifying to many of you.  I’ll address those fears in a moment, too.

So…how did I get on this TV show?  Basically, I was “discovered” by William Shatner and his team at Moving America Forward, as an entrepreneur who is doing important work for an important group of people…early childhood leaders and owners.  They flew me to Los Angeles to be featured on the show, and receive the Moving America Forward award.  I got to tell Mr. Shatner how my team and I are indeed moving the country forward, and I was interviewed by Doug Llewelyn.  Doug is the “People’s Court” guy who interviews people after the judge makes her ruling, as well as a popular radio and TV host.

It was a really fun experience.  Professional makeup, cool studio, the whole shebang.

Not only that, but then the show paid for a local crew to come film my business and office, as well as get actual preschool footage from my local client Ben Poswalk at Paradise Place Preschool.  Ben was also our Marketer of the Year 2016 winner, so that was a very cool tie-in.

There’s two key points I want to make.  First is, the way the show “discovered” me.  I don’t know exactly how, but I think it was because I paid for a national press release (using a press release site called PRWeb) about the Child Care Success Summit event last October in Phoenix.  In fact, I do this every year – I pay about $250 to distribute a press release about the conference to national and local media outlets.  PRWeb is a pretty cool service and they handle the whole thing.

So if I hadn’t taken the time every year to do this, I would never have been seen by the Shatner crew, and would not have gotten this very cool opportunity.  Most likely.

(And to confess, I should be using PRWeb more often, because I’ve got more newsworthy stuff going on in my business than just the Summit.  Note to self.)

Second point is that YOU should be modeling this idea in your own business.  Many of our clients and members have gotten GREAT local press just by reaching out to media editors and letting them know about their newsworthy event or situation.  You don’t need to be a celebrity or a large business.  Media LOVE stories about “main street USA” and us “little guys”.  It’s inspiring.  It’s great human interest.  And people love little kids and babies.

Point is, you are doing great work in the world.  Don’t be afraid to sing your own praises once in a while.  Celebrate that new playground, that new location and grand opening event, that do-good story about how you helped a child or family in need.

If you stay stuck in the “fear” mindset about putting yourself in the spotlight (whether it’s local or national), you stay small in the way you run your business.  Can you let go of the fear?  It’s your time to shine.

So please tune in and watch my segment if you can, this Sunday at 11 am Eastern Time (8 am Pacific).  As always, I appreciate your love and support.

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