A really popular topic that I am asked about all the time is: How can we grow our inquiries so that our phone rings more? There is a lot involved in the answer to that question, and the first step is to get very clear on where your inquiries are coming from and where they are not. If you are able to measure and show me that information, I can instantly tell you where to go. Without that information, you are flying blind.


There is a tool that you can use to get very clear, without a doubt, about where your inquiries are coming from, and that is to use local phone number tracking systems. Before I tell you more specifics about these tools and resources, let’s review three ways to track how people are hearing about you, why they’re inquiring and where they are coming from.

The first is to simply ask your callers, “How did you hear about us?” Hopefully your staff is doing this on the phone with every inquiry. This method is fraught with human error, because it depends on potential clients accurately remembering how they did hear about you, and they may have heard about you in several ways. It also depends on your staff asking each caller 100% of the time. For these reasons, it is my least favorite method.

The second method is to use a coupon code, or some kind of code, on everything that you do—on each marketing piece, including your brochure—so that your callers will be able to give you the code. But a code usually relates to some kind of an offer, and sometimes you may not want to give an offer, especially not in your brochure. So this method is not a consistent one to use either.

The third way to grow your inquiries is the number one, 100% foolproof method: Give every single one of your marketing efforts its own local phone number. You can get a bank of local phone numbers that tie into your main phone line very inexpensively, and you may not realize this. Only a handful of my clients are using this method so far. It’s extremely easy to set up, and I recommend that you investigate and consider benefiting from this great strategy.

The information that you get is incredible. It will give you the Return-on-Investment (ROI), i.e., how many calls you are getting for each thing that you are spending money on. For example, each Google pay-per-click or Facebook ad has its own phone number, so that you can see exactly how many inquiries you are getting from each individual source. This is the whole point of tracking.

There are several resources that can set you up with this system of tracking. My number one favorite resource is New Call Solutions, and my buddy Ryan Pitts at NewCallSolutions.com, who is helping some of my other child care clients, can help you get this system set up easily and effectively. There are more similar resources out there, such as MongooseMetrics.com, CallFire.com and other national companies that can help you.

Take this action to get your Return-on-Investment and learn where your inquiries are coming from. You will be able to see where you should put more efforts and where you could take them away. Maybe you should not be doing that print ad and save $5000-$10,000. Where can you save money and where is it best invested to maximize your inquiries? Call tracking is the best way to find out. Take this first great step to doubling your inquiries today.

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