One new hot strategy you can use to increase leads into your child care program is pay per click Facebook ads. I’m seeing this take off with a lot of our members so I want to provide you with some information and encourage you to work Facebook ads into the digital part of your marketing campaign. Facebook is where a majority of the parents are hanging out so it’s a benefit to you to experiment with advertising there. One of our Platinum VIP members started doing Facebook ads and saw 87 new leads clicking over to her website within the matter of a couple days!

Google PPC works as a big lead generator but Facebook ads can also be woven into your marketing efforts to boost to your leads. Facebook has implemented better tactics for targeting that you can use to reach the leads that are in your best demographics.

What can you do on Facebook now? You can use a variety of criteria to reach the right people. It’s possible to target your ad to people based on clicks, purchase history (such as baby products), lifestyle, and more through Facebook’s partner categories. This targeting can be paired with geographic areas, so you can reach the people that live within a certain mile radius of your child care center.  Facebook’s Power Editor (which can be found in the left hand column of your Ads Manager) will also allow you to import and market to your email list. This means you can import all your leads that have not enrolled and advertise to them with a special offer via Facebook. You can create the standard ads on the right hand side of the feed or you can create sponsored newsfeed stories and posts. This gives you the opportunity to promote your posts about special events going on at your school such as a family fun fair or parent’s night out, along with any promotions going on at your school, while allowing you to target the right people.

It’s all about digital with today’s parents so it’s incredibly important to embrace digital marketing and experiment with Facebook ads to make them work for you. I look forward to hearing your success with this and if you have a case study you’d like to share feel free to email me at