You may think of it as a dirty word, but really, it can be the key to peace of mind, freedom, and clarity in your business. It’s Math. Today, Kris will inspire you to get started tracking so you can live a lifestyle of abundance and make your teachers happier by giving them more benefits, which in turn equals happy kids and happy parents. She gives specific examples and real-world case studies of simple equations to put your money and time into the business where it’s most needed and gives the four categories of metrics. Enjoy the episode and we promise not to make you do any calculus.

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Key Takeaways From This Podcast:

Kris recaps some insights and inspirations from recent episodes. Past guests have shed an interesting light on taking risks, amazing video marketing techniques and how to survive and thrive after negative parent reviews. For the full episode list, click here.

Math provides a proper measuring system and metric to help us focus on the right things in our business, rather than blindly throwing stuff at the wall without actually fixing the problem.

In her book The Ultimate Child Care Marketing Guide, Kris lays out the four categories of metrics:

  1.  Customer value and acquisition.
  2.  Enrollment Funnel
  3.  Marketing ROI
  4.  Staff and Parent Retention

Enrollment funnel metrics are based on lead flow and conversion. The first thing she does with clients is to help them set up the tools and structures for consistent tracking. From that, they look at the conversions compared to the leads and put the core concepts into place to restructure and get on track to higher enrollments.

Kris gives a case study example of Gold Star member Nina using her math to take some extra funds and bonus her staff, set up some fun marketing to drive more enrollments and add value to the relationships of her existing parents.