“A compass and a heart.” When you work on being found by parents – symbolized by giving them a compass to your school – and then you tug on their heartstrings by showing you care and engaging their trust, you will always WIN. You will have a full school, you will maximize your revenue and cash flow, and you can be the most recession-proof preschool in your market.

Join Kris Murray as she walks you through her new thinking around today’s political and economic climate, and how you can keep your business protected from risk and keep your doors OPEN no matter what challenges come your way.

On this episode, you’ll hear:

  • 3 keys to keeping your business free from risk and peril, that will keep your business protected and healthy
  • Ideas for improving your access to cash, as well as optimizing your cash flow
  • A focus on the importance of your financial management and financial decisions
  • Kris’s deep thinking about the political climate and the need for more inclusive leadership for our country
  • How often you should be doing tuition rate increases and what percentage you should increase by
  • 2 keys to having a “full house”: why it’s vital to have full enrollment NOW and how to get there
  • The #1 reason why your phone is NOT ringing with parent inquiries, and how to fix it
  • The case study about Debbie from Ohio and how we coached her to double her inquiries (and why it has NOTHING to do with price)
  • Details on the upcoming Enrollment Boot Camp Challenge 2018 and how you can get Kris’s personal help to get a full house and WIN a year-long Platinum coaching membership plus a year of Child Care CRM software (a $20,000 value!)
  • And much more

This is a not-to-be-missed episode that is chock full of wisdom and nuts-and-bolts business strategy, including the keys to keeping your business thriving and full no matter what the economic climate!

So head over to iTunes, Google Play, or our podcast page (link to childcare-marketing.com/podcast) to listen to this episode, and all our episodes.

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