Are you ready to get your school fully enrolled and finally get out of the red? Now through February 24 you can take your first step to having a fully enrolled school by signing up to enter Kris Murray’s Enrollment Boot Camp Live Challenge! Enrollment Bootcamp is the world’s number one training for child care owners and leaders that are seeking to get fully enrolled. It consists of a five week proven, easy 5-step system that walks owners through how to… 

  • track their enrollment progress
  • double their parent inquiries
  • Double their tours with a winning phone/inquiry process
  • Double their enrollments with their best tour
  • Build staff and family rentention

The purpose of this challenge is to motivate those owners who have been dragging their feet and encourage them to take some time to work on their business rather than in it. One winner will receive a grand prize of A 1-Year in GROWTH Track Coaching Membership with Kris Murray and Her Team ($10,200 Value), A Free Website Analysis and Action Plan from trusted digital marketing expert Bruce Spurr ($1,800 Value).

Watch This Video to Hear About The Amazing Results Last Year's EBC Challenge Winners Experienced!

Last year, Jeff and Christine of AsheBridge Children’s Academy in South Carolina was the grand prize winner! In the video below, their submission video we received, they reveal their astonishing, life-changing results.

Here Are a Few Highlights of Jeff and Christine’s Results:

  • The previous March/April, they only had four new enrollments. During the EBC Live Challenge, their enrollment surged with 24 new children and have waitlists for four classrooms. This is an additional $24,000 in revenue every month. 
  • From these new enrollments, in one month they were able to see a 40x return on their investment of purchasing Enrollment Boot Camp to complete the challenge. 
  • They created a phone script to use when answering the phone and an informative e-packet to provide to inquiries. They learned to use the phone script to discover ways to connect with parents before simply letting the conversation begin and end with giving out their rates.
  • They took the time to focus on the little things, such as improving their appeal to visitors senses. On the outside, they transformed their curb appeal to be colorfully attractive and visible from the street. On the inside, you can now sip on fruit infused water while feeling relaxed from the smell of vanilla and the sound of soft music. 
  • AsheBridge now appears on page one of Google for multiple search terms in their area and they have a higher ranking than some of their national chain competitors. 
  • They began posting daily to Facebook, showcasing fun photos of the children engaging in activities. They also began running Facebook ads in their neighboring town to expand their reach.