How Did This Child Care Owner Increase Her Sales By $6000/Week? – The Story of Lynne Sutton from Kids Korner Academy


Lynne Sutton, owner and founder of Kids Korner Academy, began like most child care owners: motivated by a passion for the health and well being of children. However, after a while, she began to struggle with enrolling her center, and found herself in a rut. 

But today everything is different. Lynne’s business is almost “overenrolled” and she has increased her sales by $6000 a week.

How is this even possible? Lynne made a couple simple, yet powerful, changes that helped her to success.

Investment In Herself & Her Child Care Business


Lynne has been a single center child care owner since 1983 just outside of Buffalo, New York. She was a member of Kris Murray’s Insiders Circle and had used our trainings and programs since 2011. Some of the strategies she learned helped her get her child care fully enrolled. But she struggled to keep that success going.

“I fell backwards. I was working IN my business, not ON it.”

At the 2015 Child Care Success Summit she made the decision to reinvest in herself and her business by taking it up a level and joining the Child Care Success Academy.

“When we’re in the lowest place is when we have to make the greatest investment.”

For Lynn, this was a serious investment and one she was, at first, nervous about making. However, she recounts how it was one of the best decisions she had ever made. She talks about her “phenomenal year”, once again, becoming overfull in terms of enrollments. Within her first three months of joining the program, she had increased sales by $6,000 per week, completely recouping her initial investment in just two weeks.

So, What Were The BIG Things That Helped Lynne to Success?

1. Accountability.

Lynne is a part of a group that helps hold her accountable to her goals – the Child Care Success Academy. Without accountability it is hard to accomplish much. Lynne finds the group to be an amazing source of support and advice. She is in a group that understood her struggles, can help her talk through problems, and holds her responsible to achieving her aspirations.

“The mastermind group helps keep me honest.”

Just like when Lynn first found success, it’s easy to set goals and achieve them when other people are watching. But it can be challenging to continue to do so when no one else is around.

With all the things that happen in our centers every day, it can be easy to say, “That can wait”, or, “I can do that tomorrow.” The trick is to not give in and have a supportive group of fellow owners or directors that can really help you stay on track.

In Gary Keller’s “The One Thing,” he talks about research where “individuals with written goals were 39.5 percent more likely to succeed. But there’s more to the story. Individuals who wrote their goals and sent progress reports to friends were 76.7 percent more likely to achieve them. As effective as writing down your goals can be, simply sharing your progress toward your goals with someone regularly, even just a friend, makes you almost twice as effective.”

Accountability works. 

When Lynne was held accountable for her goals she was able to actually accomplish the things she was learning in the Child Care Success Academy that would propel her business forward, such as completely revamping her website, along with creating a business referral program.

2. Confidence

A large key to Lynn’s success was not just getting new inquiries from the new strategies she was implementing, but being confident enough to turn them into enrollments as well. She began to “put a lot of good systems in place” for this. Many tools, like the phone scripts and e-packets, helped her move families along in their buying journey.

But, more than that, it was learning to ask for the enrollment that really helped Lynne achieve her success in filling her child care center. And, it wasn’t just her, but the entire staff that benefited from these new techniques.

“I’ve gotten a lot more confidence in my business and myself.”

Once you learn how to ask for the sale and start seeing results, your confidence will naturally grow with practice!

What Can You Do? Next Steps.


Developing your child care business is not just about the business, it’s also about developing yourself. Lynne recalls how, “I’ve changed as a person. Whereas, before, I really wanted to play it safe. Now, I’m really thinking outside the box.”

Don’t forget to invest in yourself, even if it’s just with setting aside some time to join a group to hold you accountable to your goals. There are usually local mastermind groups for business owners that you can join, along with business associations. There are Facebook groups specifically for child care owners that may help you with accountability.

One great benefit of the Kris Murray’s Insiders Circle group is accountability. At the very least, write out specific goals with deadlines and tell your employees and your family about them. Ask them to hold you accountable. Letting others know of your goals will spur you on in the direction you need to go.

lynne suttonOnce you start achieving your goals in small increments you will start finding the confidence you need to keep on. Being a child care owner comes with many challenges, but if we are prepared to face those challenges, and learn from our inevitable mistakes, we’ll succeed where others have failed. As Lynne says, “If you fail, you just get up and do it again.”