We are excited to announce that our Marketer of the Year Contest is officially open!

This is your chance to show everyone in our industry how you’ve knocked it out of the park this year, with your marketing and enrollment-building efforts. (oh, ya, and win a great prize!)

The contest is open to ANYONE who is planning to attend the Child Care Success Summit 2016 conference this October in Phoenix.

All you need to do to enter is complete a questionnaire designed as a “thought-starter”, provide some examples of the cool stuff you’ve done over the past year, and optionally, provide a video of your story, your program, and/or your results.

Need some inspiration and ideas?

Last year during the Child Care Success Summit, one of the presenters, Jordane Lafitte, spoke about how she transformed the child care she bought with her husband. They went from a STRUGGLING child care that was losing money, into a thriving, profitable, and respected center in her community in just one year. Jordane went from losing $4,200 in September of 2014 to profiting $8000 in September 2015. She went from 70 enrolled to 115 enrolled, a 62% increase!

Check out her story in this video.

Jordane and her husband saw an opportunity in their community when they had their own children and they needed a child care center. During their search they just couldn’t find what they were looking for, which was a center that really created a community for families. They decided they had found their purpose and both quit their careers to buy a daycare in their town.

The school they bought was in bad shape, with broken furnishings and harsh decor. The meals provided to the children were unhealthy and the classes were deceiving to the parents, as when they went into classrooms children were usually sat in front of a TV! The previous owner admitted that it had become too much for her to continue. During the due diligence process it had appeared the center was profitable but Jordane found out when they took it over that this was not the case. They were losing over $4000 a month.

But Jordane and her husband had a vision. They could see the huge potential the center had with the indoor and outdoor spaces to create a more community focused environment. However, the school had a bad reputation and they had to start from the bottom with a new name, the Lil School. They set out to create a Reggio Emilia inspired preschool that allows children to learn through playing and exploring. The school now boasts a wide range of activities to stimulate the children with gardening, sports, music, art and building their own experiences.

In September of that year they would be losing many of their full time students due to graduation, so they worked through the summer on the health and safety in the school and building their vision and curriculum.

Then, after attending the Child Care Success Summit, Jordane decided she needed extra help and coaching and so she signed on for a Gold membership of the Child Care Academy. From what they learned in this program they started to focus on three areas.

1. Defining who they were. They did this by listening to parents and learning what they wanted from the center. They learned that most of the parents felt like they lacked in their social lives. From this input, and from their own similar experiences as parents, they decided to make the child care center into a community focused space not only for the children, but also for the parents. The center now has a parent’s club that organizes events, markets the center and maintains the website. The school has now grown into a community led center with everyone helping out. They also improved their center by building a gym, an art studio, a music school and a cafe for the parents to meet and work. The cafe is so full some days that it is hard for Jordane to find a spot to sit!

 2. The second point they focused on was delegation and empowerment.  They didn’t want to micro-manage so they allowed the teachers to manage their own  classrooms and gave them a monthly budget to buy supplies. Everyone participated and  agreed on the curriculum being taught. Jordane used a delegation technique  learned by Kris Murray and found everyone’s unique brilliances. Now  everyone at the center is working at what they are best at and Jordane now has the time  to focus on her passion which is the music program.

3. Jordan implemented a lot of marketing ideas that Kris Murray teaches. She created an e-packet and wrote articles and blogs. She held community events, and asked parents where they had heard about the center to get ideas on where to focus on marketing. She started using parent testimonials in her marketing. With all of this the Lil School started increasing their margins.

The Lil School had great results with a 52% increase in revenue from last year! Jordane explains that this is just the start and they have plenty of room to grow and now she feels comfortable not having to worry about finances, which allows her to concentrate on further developing the school.

The Lil School’s main goals for this year are to systemize their hiring process to make it more efficient and official. They also want to build on employee performance reviews and continue their marketing efforts.

Jordane and the Lil School are great examples of how you can grow and turn you child care into a profitable successful business by defining what your business is all about, making it unique, and communicating your unique differences.

What is your story? Have you been seeing amazing results? Have you been turning your ideas and dreams into a reality? Why not inspire those around you? It is the sharing of our stories and results that helps others succeed and makes the quality of the child care industry better over all. Be a part of it!

All you need to do to enter the Child Care Success Summit’s Marketer of the Year Contest is complete a questionnaire designed as a “thought-starter”, provide some examples of the cool stuff you’ve done over the past year, and optionally, provide a video of your story, your program, and/or your results.

Just go here to learn more about how to enter.  The first place winner will receive $1,000 in cash PLUS a trip to beautiful Crested Butte, Colorado for a full day consult with Kris on your business and a VIP dinner with Kris for you and your guest.


All entries must be received by Friday, September 23rd.