When was the last time you saw a really motivating and upbeat video about a Child Care center?

Every year The Child Care Success Company and the Child Care Success Academy holds a Marketer of the Year Contest for our members during the Success Summit. We tell them, “Don’t be shy, share your story. Tell us how you’re using our training and support to grow your business.”  The goal of the contest is to share their genius with others to inspire and help them to achieve success.

Arianne Bettazzi and the Carmel Mountain Preschool in San Diego did just that. They created an informative, upbeat, visually motivating video that showcases all the elements that have made their school successful.  As an Academy member they utilized the many marketing tips that were available to them to make their school stand out among the rest.

child care success summit

Marketer of the Year 2015


Before meeting Kris and getting involved with the Child Care Success Academy they were functioning pretty “old school”.  There were no e-mail campaigns, no tracking, no referral programs or incentives for parents.

This has all changed!

Phone scripts have been put into place and tours of the school have taken on a whole new twist.  Teachers have involved parents in the classroom more and have developed awesome communication about what parents really want for their kids. Teacher appreciation has taken a front seat to create a charged and motivated staff culture. They have created stimulating and interactive play /learning spaces for the kids and environmentally upgraded their facility.


And can you say Social Media and testimonials? They have improved upon this 10 fold and it has paid off big time.  Proving that this area is so critical to the success of any Child Care business.

The Child Care Success Company and and entire Success Academy applaud Carmel Mountain Preschool!  

Sit back and enjoy…..

Could 2016 be your year?

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