Every year at the Child Care Success Summit we hold the “Marketer of the Year” contest, which gives child care owners a chance to share their stories of vision and action. Our presenters are brave and inspiring child care owners and directors who have seen actual results from all their hard work and have also been making a difference in the professionalism of the early childhood education field.

Soon we’ll be releasing all the details about the “Marketer of the Year” contest for the Child Care Success Summit 2016. Challenge yourself to enter! Share what you have implemented at your center and let us know the amazing changes you’ve seen in your business and in your own life. (Oh ya, and get the chance to win some really cool and really VALUABLE prizes.)

This year’s theme of the Child Care Success Summit is “Live Your Best Life” and you can see how some of our past finalists from “Marketer of the Year” have embodied the motto. Get some inspiration from their stories and start the wheels turning on your own story.

Jordane LaFitte of The Lil’ School, turned a STRUGGLING childcare that was losing money, into a thriving, profitable, and respected center in her community in just one year.

The biggest thing Jordane attributed to her success was finding her “USP” (unique selling proposition) and incorporating it into every aspect of her school.

jordane lafitte child care success summit

“The one thing that helped the most is the USP. Find your unique points, become unique. To me, it’s the number one reason why people would enroll in our school: because we are unique.

Jordane went from losing $4,200 in September of 2014 to profiting $8000 in September 2015. She went from 70 enrolled to 115 enrolled, a 62% increase. Wow!

Michael & Kristen Fust of A Child’s Place were also big action-takers!

child care success summitIn just one year they implemented:

A monthly bonus program to reward teachers for excellent work performance.

A phone script so everyone answering the phone knows exactly what to say and gets all the correct information

An online application process that saves the directors time with pre screening

Orientation videos to save time during the on-boarding process

A referral and review program for parents with cash rewards

Local newspaper features

And a TON more.

Bethany Nicholson works with Northwest Christian Childcare, a nonprofit based out of Ohio. She started working with Kris Murray in early December, 2014 after attending the Child Care Success Summit in Las Vegas in November.  Since that time, she enrolled a total of 74 new children, resulting in a 25% increase in enrollment and an annualized revenue increase of $585,171.

child care success summit

“These gains have done so much to professionalize the staff and bring new families through the door, that I see us functioning with an on-going waitlist. I also see the drive of my staff to be better and that has strength.”

All this growth has also help the non-profit give back more to the community:

“Since we are a non-profit ministry, we thought it would be important to reinvest some of the revenue back in to the community by providing scholarships to 8 disadvantaged children this year. Going forward, we hope to increase the number of scholarships we offer as we become aware of needs that arise in the greater Columbus disadvantaged community.”

Arianne Betazzi of Carmel Mountain Preschool was our Marketer of the Year winner!


She won a trip to the resort town of Crested Butte, CO for some skiing and also to work one-on-one with Kris Murray on her child care business.

One year ago when Arianne attended her first Child Care Success Summit, everything at her center was on post-it notes. She had no tracking whatsoever. Since the Summit, Arianne created systems for automation and organization that included:

  – ChildCareCRM

  – An Email Drip Campaign-

  – E-packets

  – Incentive and referral programs

– Phone scripts

– Follow up after tours

– A career page with testimonials and benefits

Since implementing tracking in January to September her center got:  847 calls, 442 tours and 166 enrollments.   Once she started a reviews and testimonials push, she got 22 Yelp reviews & over 30 Facebook reviews.

She saw a 22% increase in enrollment in one year and a 42% increase in income.

Those are some great results!

Have you been seeing results at your child care center? Are you an action-taker and are proud of what you’ve accomplished at your child care? Stay tuned for more details on our annual “Marketer of the Year” contest for your chance to get your story out there at the Child Care Success Summit 2016 and show us how you’re on your way to living your best life.