Customer Care Manager

Braylen Unser is the Customer Care Manager at Child Care Marketing Solutions. In 2016, she graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in organizational leadership management. Throughout college, Braylen gained a feel for what the child care industry is all about and built her customer service skills. She was hired as summer camp teacher at a local day care in her town, and later worked at her local elementary school as an assistant site coordinator of a before and after school program. After graduating, Braylen took on a new role and worked as a utility billing clerk. 

Braylen is excited to once again be working with a team who works hard to make sure that children receive the best possible care, but this time on a much larger scale. Through her role with CCMS, Braylen hopes to help child care owners that are experiencing financial troubles and feeling in over their head to find a way to keep their passion alive and turn their business around. 

Having moved from Illinois with her boyfriend, Braylen spends her free time enjoying everything Colorado has to offer, from outdoor adventures to great restaurants and entertainment. When Braylen isn’t out and about you can find painting and binge watching the show Friends.