Finance and Human Resources Manager

Jennifer Chapman is the Finance and Human Resources Director at The Child Care Success Company . She brings over a decade of experience in this field and and specializes in new business start-ups and corporate takeovers. Jennifer has worked for a diverse mix of business throughout the country, starting out as a reconciling vendor account then moving to become a para-professional accountant, later opening her own bookkeeping consulting business in 2014.

For Jennifer, delivering accuracy, determination and professionalism is what drives her passion. She believes that quality customer service experiences are disappearing from todays business world and she is determined to deliver quality in her work. Jennifer is eager to share her accounting knowledge with the CCSC community and hopes to teach child care owners how to capitalize their every dollar and provide them with peace of mind by helping them get a grasp on their finances. Having the opportunity to work with a team that expresses immense respect and compassion towards each other instills confidence in Jennifer that CCSC has the ability to expand their reach in transforming the lives of child care owners. 

Jennifer was born and raised in Kansas, and although her and her two boys still live there, she has since traded in her boots for heels. When she’s not crunching numbers, Jennifer makes sure her and her boys spend as much time together as a family as they can. She says an activity that is a household favorite for all is taking the time to cook and share a meal together in their home.