Content Marketing Specialist

Katheryn (Kat) Fisher is the Content Marketing Specialist at The Child Care Success Company. She has previously worked as an operations manager at Munchkin Manor University under Sindye Alexander, the Director of Marketing at CCSC. While at Munchkin Manor University Kat was headed to rebrand the company, and together she and Sindye created the E-Mail Marketing Campaign that is now available for purchase on the CCSC website.

Kat is ecstatic about working for a company that works so cohesively together towards the same mission. Her passion is driven by having the opportunity to create materials for products and courses that will help owners and directors further the quality and health of their program and culture. She is excited to have the opportunity to design material for CCSC and is proud to say “I made that!” when it is used. Through her work for CCSC, Kat hopes she is able to convey to owners how easy it can be to put together beautiful, professional marketing pieces that will “wow” their prospects.

Kat couldn’t be happier with the life she and her husband have created for their family. When Kat isn’t hard at her, she spends every second she can with her husband, two young children, grumpy cat, and guinea pig. She also makes sure she dedicates time to her other passions as well, photograph and running. Kat takes photos of her family and friends all the time and is always out and about running in local races with her siblings.