Content Marketing Specialist

My name is Katheryn Fisher and I am a Content Marketing Assistant at Child Care Marketing Solutions. I have several years of experience in the child care industry, as well as in business management and marketing.  In 2011, I met Sindye Alexander and soon became her Operations Manager / Center Director. Over the 5 years that we led Munchkin Manor together, I attended many Child Care Success Summit’s and participated in other trainings like Enrollment Bootcamp. By implementing the practices and ideas we learned from Kris we were able to triple our enrollment, twice. The knowledge I gained also helped me to manage a team of 25 staff. I am familiar with many of the struggles owners and directors face, and I am so glad that I get to continue making a difference in this field. I also love that Sindye and I get to continue working together as part of the CCMS Marketing team.
My experiences with managing & training staff, creating core processes and systems, implementing CCMS techniques for growth and development, and using exciting innovative marketing campaigns at Munchkin Manor, have given me the skills and knowledge needed to assist other child care business owners and directors on their journey toward business growth. I hope you gain value out of the content and materials we create for you.
My husband, Lee, and I have two beautiful children together, Lucille and Maxwell. We live in a beautiful small town in Northern Michigan. I grew up in our area and have always enjoyed the outdoors. Our family likes to camp, hike, run, swim, and play in the snow! I also have a talent for photography, and you may see me snapping pics at some of our live events from time to time.