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I’ve been in the Child Care Marketing Business since 2008, when I quit my job as the VP of Marketing for my younger brother’s auto parts factory. I had been looking for a segment or group of small business owners that I could help, and at that time my two children Owen and Maeve were both in preschool.

In late 2008, the economy was starting to tank and the enrollment of my children’s preschool was down significantly. They were about half full, desperate, and in need of answers. Taking my marketing knowledge and combining it with my “mom hat” I was able to create a system for my very first client (TLC Academy in Hudson, Ohio) that worked to grow their enrollment by about 55 children in 11 months. We doubled their enrollment by putting proven but little-known marketing strategies into place. Today, they remain nearly full and have a waiting list for some rooms.

I took that success story and turned it into a marketing system and toolkit for the child care business owner. I spread the word through speaking engagements at state and national child care conferences, as well as online media and training webinars for partners and associations in the early childhood field. Word quickly began to spread that I had proven strategies which could help struggling child care leaders – and that I was the ‘real deal’.

I made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping as many child care business owners, directors, and managers as I can with their enrollment, revenue, staff issues, time management, goal-setting, mindset, systems, and more. I’ve helped my child care clients get massive results in record time through my workshops, products, coaching programs, mastermind groups, and VIP private consulting days.

Since my first success at the TLC Academy in Ohio, I’ve worked with hundreds of private clients around the country, spoken in front of countless groups (such as NAEYC, NCCA, AELL, and many state organizations), and have created The Enrollment Boot Camp Home Study System™, The Double Your Enrollment System™ and many more training programs. My flagship program is the Child Care Success Academy, where top child care leaders get coaching from me and my team, along with the courses, tools, and resources they need to be successful. Hundreds have gone through this program, with solid results in enrollment, team management, and profitability.

I’ve written two books, and I’m thrilled that the books have helped thousands of owners and leaders become more effective with their marketing and enrollment-building.  Both 5-star books, The Ultimate Child Care Marketing Guide and The 77 Best Strategies to Grow Your Early Childhood Program, are available on Amazon.

I also host the world’s largest conference 100% focused on the business side of child care. This year at the Child Care Success Summit we expect to see over 500 top child care business leaders who are looking to learn the strategies to be more profitable, run their businesses better, and really succeed in life. The Child Care Success Summit 2017  will be three extraordinary, life-changing days in Chicago, IL.

I’ve been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, INC Magazine, Newsweek, USA Today, Child Care Exchange, PBS Radio, & am proud to have received an award from Moving America Forward for the impact I’ve made on the industry.

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