In this week’s episode of Child Care Rockstar Radio, you’re in for a real treat. This lady is someone you’ve probably never heard of, yet she’s one of the biggest innovators in early learning I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with.

Marnie Forestieri is Chief Learning Officer and Co-Founder of Amazing Explorers Academy in the Orlando, Florida area.  Marnie is a business powerhouse, and on today’s show you’ll be blown away by her vision, her drive, and her innovative approach to being a child care leader and entrepreneur.

In fact, innovation was baked in to her early learning concept right from the beginning.  She says “I constantly think, how do we help kids innovate? That’s how my business started.”  Not only is she fostering a love of innovation in children, she’s living and breathing it as an owner.

From how she hires new teachers, to the systems she has implemented in her school which are allowing her to quickly add new locations and even to franchise her model, Marnie’s approach will inspire you to action.

On this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Marnie identified her “why” and vision around her business, and gained clarity about her mission for children
  • Marnie’s viewpoint on STEM/STEAM and what it means for children rather than just being a trendy buzz-word
  • Why it’s important to study other industries outside of your own, and how the field of high-tech has had a huge impact on Marnie and the children in her care
  • How to foster a culture of collaboration and sharing in your organization, where teachers lift each other up and mentor one another towards excellence
  • Why Marnie loves to hire millennials as teachers, and why this is such a different perspective on today’s workforce compared to the typical employer perspective about millennials
  • And much more

I know you’ll get huge inspiration and creative ideas from this interview that you can plug right into your child care business.  So head over to iTunes, Google Play, or our podcast page  to listen to this episode, and all our episodes.



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