Are you having problems with child and family turnover? At our Child Care Success Summit a few weeks ago, industry expert Dennis Vicars spoke to the crowd and cited this statistic: 50% of child and family turnover happens within the first 60-90 days after enrollment. That means HALF of the families that leave your center do so soon after enrolling.


Is this problem impacting you? Are you looking at your turnovers? Are you tracking them? The research shows the majority of your turnover is probably happening during the first few months that your families are with you. Typically this is because you are not doing a good enough job making them feel welcomed and ensuring that they are having a great experience at your school.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are looking at your turnover:

  1. Are you measuring WHY your families are leaving your school? What are the reasons that children leave your school? Are they moving or are they unhappy for some other reason?
  1. Are you measuring WHEN your turnover is taking place? Usually child care centers ask families why they are leaving but are you tracking when?
  1. Are you making your new families feel welcome and loved? What are you doing to make sure their experience is above and beyond their expectations? What is your retention process for the first 90 days?

You need to consider that the reason families say they are leaving may not be accurate. Most of the time people don’t want to tell you that they are unhappy with the quality of your program so they will make something up like they are moving or that Grandma is going to start watching the kids or something else so they don’t have to criticize the quality of your school.

Believe it or not…I did that! I left a prominent chain and I didn’t want to tell them why so I just took my kids and left.

This was a HUGE aha moment at our Child Care Success Summit in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. It is so much easier to KEEP a customer than it is to go out and enroll a new one, so you need to make an action plan on how to make your new enrollments feel welcomed and loved.

Here’s easy way to show you care: Make a one month anniversary call. You can have the owner or director call your new families on their one month anniversary. That way you can check in and make sure everything is going smoothly for them.

You want to make sure they are 100% happy and Let them know you love them. Give them a virtual hug over the phone and a real hug in the hallway. You MUST show your new families that you care, especially in that first 60-90 day period after enrollment!

If you can make your new families happy in the first few months after enrollment you can help prevent child and family turnover and increase the retention rates for your child care center. Give this success tip a try and you will see your enrollments grow.