Do you think you have a Recession Proof business?  Think again.  I have 4 things  that can help prepare you if/when the recession does come our way.

Visibility –  Can parents find you online? Both your physical location and being “on the Map” with your key words is critical to your all around visibility. Are you getting any traffic from your website?

Differentiation –  What are your unique benefits? What truly sets you apart from your competition? Be clear and concrete. Communicate these differences with your parents.

Trust – Build and have a culture of trust.   Remember you are in the business of TRUST and parents are trusting you with their most precious asset.  Have open communication with your team and build that loyalty with parents, teachers, children and your leadership.

Leadership – Are you a leader that motivates and empowers your staff? Use your values as common language throughout your school. Give your staff the tools to do their jobs and they will grow. Does the community see you as a leader in the child care industry?


Who ever got into the Child Care business to be a great Marketer? Probably no one. But every owner needs to be their own Chief Marketing Officer.

People who survive recessions are marketers of their business.