I found one of the biggest takeaways for attendees at the Child Care Success Summit this October was a shift in mindset. I’ve seen so many child care center owners and directors make leaps and bounds since working on their mindsets at the Summit. I know a lot of you out there have not been coached on how to do this, so I wanted to talk with you about a powerful technique that will set you up for success and help you reach your goals.

I learned this technique from one of my own mentors, Fabienne Frederickson, and it has been a huge driving force in my own life. This technique reframes your thoughts, and ultimately your life, by using goal cards.Goal Cards Child Care Marketing

Making goal cards is simple, yet so powerful. Get yourself a couple of index cards and write two or three goals you want to accomplish in the next 6-12 months. Write down the goals in present tense as if the goals were already achieved. Really think about how you want your life to be or how you want your child care program to change in the next 6-12 months.

Here are a couple examples to get you started:

“I easily attract positive, growth-oriented teachers. I have a great director in place that is motivated, committed, team-oriented and aligns with my vision. My program is growing and improving every day.”

“My child care center is 95% full and I keep attracting high-quality full-time families every day. My inquiries have doubled over the last year and we easily convert inquiries into enrollments.”

Put the goal cards next to your bed. Read your goal cards every night or morning. Write the statements out multiple times and put them on your phone, on the dashboard of your car, and on your mirror. Read them all the time so that you can really ingrain the ideas into your subconscious and start acting as if your goals are taking place. Because guess what? They will!

When you act is if your goals are already happening, things will really start to shift for you. You’ll start changing the way you behave and transform what you believe is possible.

Your subconscious mind is always guiding your conscious mind on what your life can become. So by following this technique you’re really commanding the universe, higher power, subconscious, or whatever you believe in to bring these things into your life and it really does work! I’ve seen it happen over and over again.

This is a simple strategy but, like I said, it’s incredibly powerful. Use it and take action on it. Write me at and let me know when these goals have been accomplished. I’m looking forward to hearing your results!