As a child care owner or director, you work so hard to stay motivated and successful, so I wanted to remind you and have you re-visit,  some of our BEST  training videos and Blog posts that are at your finger tips!  This “Best Of ” pair gives you the perfect tools to turn new homebuyers into enrollments  and tips to boost your video marketing your child care center.

This summertime training video ~

How to Turn New Homebuyers Into Enrollments At Your Child Care

..will give you super helpful, easy steps to utilize local resources that can help you grow your child care business.  We all get busy and often don’t take the time to use the resources available.  If you missed this one, take a few minutes to get some sweet, summertime coaching!

You can also watch this video and many more at my YouTube channel.

Is your video marketing where it needs to be?  Do you have current video of your kids, your facility, your incredible programs?  Summer is the perfect time to update your video marketing!

This blog ~

Three Ways to Power Up Your Marketing Using Video

…will get you motivated to capture what’s very special about your program and teachers! What better time to do this then right now !  What are you waiting for?

Not everyone can attend my events or enroll in my online courses, but everyone needs ongoing coaching, success tips, and motivation.  These fresh video’s and Blog articles every week on our website can help you grow your child care business and be the best you can be. 

Just trying to help you stay consistent, focused, and high performing in all you do! Cheers!