The 2018 Child Care Success Summit (CCSS) is next week and the anticipation is building! For those of you who have attended a previous CCSS, you know our ever popular “AH-HA” wall where attendees have the opportunity to share their “AH-HA” moments that they had while at the summit. 

The CCSS is designed to generate “AH-HA” moments for you, allowing you to take a step back and open your eyes, rekindle your inspiration and passion and let yourself be filled with creativity. Since we are less than a week out from the CCSS 2018, we would like to share some of the “AH-HA” moments that we have collected from past attendees over the years.

Make sure you come to Dallas next week ready to be hit with the emotions of having your own “AH-HA” moment. For those of you that we won’t be seeing in Dallas, we hope that these moments we shared with you help to spark inspiration within you.