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Enrollment – Back to Basics

Back-To-Basics ....  The Big 3 Essentials to Keep Your Enrollment Full Let's revisit the Kris Murray, Back- to-Basics, Big 3 things you need to be doing in your enrollment building to stay full. Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Or realizing you aren't full? Going into fall is the perfect time to look at these basic strategies with Read the full article...

Fortune Is In The Follow-Up

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  Do you follow-up with parents after they tour your child care center? Do you know there are lots of different ways to follow-up? Studies have shown that in today’s economy a consumer won’t usually do business with a company until they have at least 7 touches (or points of contact) with the company. There Read the full article…

Child Care Business: A Marketing Secret

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Are you using one of the key secret ingredients when marketing your child care? Reviews and testimonials are a great way to provide credibility and create a trusting relationship with prospective parents.  Testimonials can be used in every aspect of your marketing. You can put them on your Facebook page, website, print ads, and posters around your center; Read the full article…