It’s almost July 1, which means we’re halfway through with 2012.  Hard to believe it’s going so quickly!  Yet, it’s not too late to set your goals for 2012.  There are 6 months left this year and you can still make this your best year ever if you follow these success strategies for goal-setting.

Success Tip #1:  WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS.  Only 5 percent of us actually write down our goals.  I want you to be one of the “5 percenters” who consistently accomplish their big goals and dreams, and live your BEST life.  The first step is to write down your goals.

Success Tip #2: POST YOUR GOALS where you can see them every day.  This is really critical.  I am on track to accomplish all 6 of my written goals this year, and the main reason is because I SEE them each and every day.  Mine are posted above my computer on the wall at my desk.  You can post yours on your bathroom mirror, tape them to your smart phone, put them on the dashboard of your car, or on the fridge – anywhere you will see them and pay attention to them!  Consider SWITCHING up the place where they’re posted to keep them fresh and top of mind.

Success Tip #3:  BE SURE YOUR GOALS ARE MEASUREABLE, SPECIFIC, AND TIME-BOUND.  If your goals are not specific and measureable, how will you know if you achieved them?  Rather than a nebulous goal like “lose weight” or “grow my enrollment”, put specific numbers or targets in your goals and a date by which you’ll get there.  For example, “lose 10 pounds by September 1st, 2012” or “increase my enrollment by 25% by December 1st” are specific, time-bound goals.

Success Tip #4:  BREAK DOWN YOUR GOALS into Action Steps.  Get some momentum towards your goals by breaking them down into a step-by-step action plan of how you’ll accomplish them.  Break down each goal into tim-based steps, with tasks assigned to people on your team, or to yourself.  For example, if you want to lost 10 pounds by September 1st, your action steps might be to sign up for Weight Watchers, hire a personal trainer, or join a Fitness Boot Camp program.  Write out your first few action steps and the deadlines for each goal.  Brainstorm with your team or your spouse if you need help.

YOUR SUCCESS ASSIGNMENT: Implement these success strategies, and take an hour or two in the next couple days to set and/or revisit your 2012 goals.  If you do, you will be amazed at what you accomplish in the latter half of 2012, and you’ll be on your way to living your best life, whatever that means for you.

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