Do you still struggle with working “on” your business rather than working “in” it?  Do you wish you could automate and systemize all the key parts of your business, so you could get your life back?  

If so, this podcast episode is for YOU.   

Meet Jennifer Conner, owner of Appletree Kids Inc. in Louisiana.  Not only is Jennifer is a master of delegation, she’s a model of business success, so I was thrilled to be able to hire her to join my team as a coach last May.  

Recently Jennifer, her husband Britt, and their children made a huge lifestyle change and moved to Mexico – and Jen is managing her 2 preschools remotely from the beach. She is truly living her dream life.

Join me and Jennifer on today’s podcast episode as we discover how Jennifer tripled her enrollment as one of my early success stories, grew to her second location, and truly “built her business to sell” focusing on systems, automation, delegation, and on-boarding. 

On this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • The incredible story of how she got started in child care for just $10,000, as a reluctant owner who was literally “thrown into it” and knew absolutely nothing about running a preschool 
  • What sets Jennifer apart in how she gets results (hint: it has to do with IMPLEMENTING the tools I handed her) 
  • How the other members of the Child Care Success Academy mentored her to grow to her second location, and held her accountable 
  • How Jen defined her “dream life” (moving to Mexico) and had the mindset that allowed her to dream bigger 
  • How Jennifer is able to effectively run her Louisiana preschool business from Mexico, by developing her leadership team and creating DUPLICATABLE systems  
  • How Jennifer created her “back up plan” to enable her to be ready in case a director leaves or needs to be let go.   
  • Why delegation and empowerment of your team are vital key steps to get there. 

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