I’ve taught this before, but I still don’t see very many child care centers doing it; so I really can’t say it enough.

The NUMBER ONE way to get more qualified leads to call your child care center is by having quality parent AND teacher video testimonials.

Capturing video testimonials and displaying them on your website, YouTube channel, Facebook, and other social media sites is one of the most effective ways to grow enrollment at your child care center.

Today, besides talking a little more about the WHY, I’m also going to delve much deeper into the HOW, so that you can make these video testimonials as effective as possible. Let’s learn how to use these videos to highlight all the goodness about your child care.

I know it can be a little intimidating to actually ask parents to give a testimonial, and maybe you’re at a loss for what kind of equipment you need. I’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s super easy.

Here is your roadmap:

1. First, Understand “The Why.”

Take a minute to understand why this is so critical for your child care business. 

We are all searching websites for information, watching videos on Facebook, watching video on YouTube.

When a mom is doing research on child care options, the first thing to do is search around online, go to different websites, and pass judgements before even picking up the phone. So when that mom finds a website or YouTube channel that has all these great testimonials on it, what happens? It builds that connection and trust, and she’s going to be twice as likely to pick up the phone and call you. Video is the number one trust builder online.

When a parent watches a video testimonial of a teacher talking about how much that teacher loves the school, how they’ve worked there for five years, and how much they love it, they will feel an IMMEDIATE connection with your school. [HINT: this not only attracts parents but also more qualified teachers!]

Videos are real, believable, and credible. It’s the number one online method for building trust.

2. Formulate a Plan to Get The Testimonials.

You’ll want to plan a time to go grab these testimonial videos that will make it easy on you and the parent. I’ve seen two strategies work fairly well in the child care setting.

STRATEGY ONE: One way to make it easier is to ask for testimonials at a parent event, a fun parent holiday, summer family fest, or any other parent/family gatherings at your center. My Success Academy clients have seen great results setting up a booth or a little table off to the side at these events where a parent can come and shoot a quick video testimonial. I had one client grab 8-10 really great video testimonials doing this. They are still up on his website, and are absolute gold! 

STRATEGY TWO: Set up a photo booth/video booth inside your child care to create a space where parents can give a testimonial at any time. There is a huge hot factor around video booths again. At every Urban Outfitters store they have a photo booth. Jessica and I popped into one in Seattle to do the photo booth and found out they also give you a video of all the shots. It’s very hip, trendy, and current right now. So take advantage of that trend. Talk to a local photographer in your area and ask them to help set up a video booth as a short term thing for a couple days, or maybe have it there for a couple months to have fun with it.

3. Make Sure You Have the Mechanics in Place.

Guess what? Getting a video testimonial can be as simple as using your iPhone. What’s nice about iPhones is they are a little more low key. Kids and parents sometimes feel a little bit more comfortable around them. You can also use an iPad or any kind of tablet with video, which also has a level of comfort for parents.

You can get a tripod off of Amazon, or any online retailer, that will fit any sort of device like this. This will allow you to keep the camera steady, interact with the parent more, or even let you get in front of the camera if you want to ask questions.

iMovie is a great option for video editing if you have Apple products. Sony makes video editing software that is fairly affordable and Microsoft products usually come with their own video editing device. There are also a HUGE amount of video editing apps out there that are extremely affordable and easy to use. 

If you need some editing tweaks and don’t want to do it yourself, or want a super polished look, there is always the option of hiring a video editor on Elance or Fiverr, or locally on Craigslist.

If you would like to get a higher quality video camera, any one that you get at an electronics store such as Best Buy will work well. Make sure that the camera has a mic-in option. You can then get a mic to run in to the camera to make audio more clear. For example, in the video above, I’m using a lavalier mic. We use a simple Canon HD camera, plug the mic in on a cord, and set up the camera on a tripod. Fairly basic and easy!

As far as audio, just make sure that if you are at an event or party to get a little bit away from all the background noise so you can hear what people are saying. Do a couple tests to during your event to see where to set up your booth. Be very aware of background noise, as they can cancel out all the great testimonials you get.

4. Think About How To Get Quality Testimonials.

Think about what you want to your parents to talk about. You can ask them a couple questions such as:

Why did you chose us? What do you love about us most? What benefits have we provided your family and your child? Wow have we helped your child get ready for school? Who would you recommend us to?

You can record the questions in a Q&A format. You can sit side by side with the parent on the camera and do a Q&A format, if that makes them more comfortable. Or you can edit the questions out of the video, to make a seamless testimonial.

It’s really up to you but the priority is to think about how to get some juicy content. You may want to give them a little cheat sheet in advance so they can think about what they want to say.

Above all you just want it to be real. Be believable. Be credible. Because it will be! 

Video testimonials are really the best way to attract potential families and compel them to take the next step toward enrollment.

Good luck and go out and get those video testimonials!